Books about Morocco : Best 8 writings set in Morocco

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Books about Morocco- Morocco is more than just a simple heavily visited country. The northwestern country is also one of the ancient nations with a strong history and sense of culture. The Kingdom of Morocco features several astonishing landscapes, imperial cities, and one of the largest Sahara deserts in the world.

It is obviously one of the destinations that every travel lover dreams about exploring.

In addition to all touristic activities that aim to discover the country, plowing into Morocco’s literature is an excellent way to gain insight into the country and better understand its tradition.

Also, Traveling in Morocco is also spending time in transportation between places, which will try your patience from time to time, so the best way to keep yourself busy, is to have a Moroccan book in hand and settle in.

You will discover some interesting books and novels about Morocco that you should add to your reading list.

Books about Morocco: For Bread Alone – Mohamed Choukri:

For bread alone is a classic autobiographical novel, told in a matter-of-fact way, using dialogue and simple writing.

The novel describes the childhood and youth of Mohamed especially and Moroccans generally.

He also talks about the death of most of his siblings due to starvation or neglect or abuse, And how he survived the beatings of his father and the dangers of the streets.

For bread alone is a memorable report and description of life in the Moroccan underclass.

Books about Morocco: A House in Fes – Suzanna Clarke

A house in fez is a book that documents Clarks’ life and her husband in Morocco.

The book talks about the couple’s experiences and the decision of purchasing a house and rebuilding it using only traditional materials in the medina of Fes.

 the description of her daily life was in an informative manner that made the audience able to learn a lot of details about Morocco and its culture.

Books about Morocco: Secret Son – Laila Lalami

Secret son talks about Youssef Elmekki, the boy of a single mom called Rachida, who was raised in the slums of Casablanca, believing that his father is dead.

Eventually, he found out that his mother lied to him and started struggling to find his identity by knowing his father.

Later he found his Dad, a wealthy businessman called Nabil Amrani, now Youssef has a way out of slum life.

Despite objections presented, Secret son is a very agreeable choice for the train or a beach day in Morocco, given that the book is a snapshot of life in contemporary Morocco

Books about Morocco: The Salt road-Jane Johnson

The salt road is a true Moroccan fairy-tale, that may be good for fiction book readers looking for romance, escapism, and an insight into some of the less-visited parts of Morocco, which is Tafraout.

Jane Johnson has a simple way of writing, which makes reading the entire book more fun and doable.

Books about Morocco: A Year in Marrakesh – Peter Mayne

This book is best for travelers visiting Marrakesh for the first time, wanting to get an anticipated feel for the ochre city.

the book is written over 65 years ago, and it describes the life inside Marrakesh medina given that the author, Peter Mayne lived in the heart of the city during the ’50s.

the book is a vivid description of Mayne’s explorations of the local neighborhood, meeting friends, and living daily in Marrakesh.

Books about Morocco: Lords of the Atlas – by Gavin Maxwell

Lord of the atlas is one of the best historical books that a tourist can read about Morocco,

reading it will make you appreciate the backstories of many places such as strongholds and kasbahs and will help you learn how Morocco has been formed over centuries.

In fact, the book describes the history of the Glaoui tribe and follows the lives of two brothers and the struggles they faced to retain power against rival forces.

Books about Morocco: Marrakesh by Design– Maryem Montague

The book is a highly evocative illustration of the atmosphere felt in Morocco.

The book is filled with amazing and meaningful pictures that show the author’s love for Moroccan culture and design.

it also shows how you can form a similar style at home anywhere in the world.

Marrakesh by design is also a great guide for buying Moroccan handicrafts and souvenirs while you are traveling to Morocco.

Books about Morocco:: In Morocco by Edith Wharton

The book is written by Edith Wharton, an American novelist well known in New York back then for being a distinguished woman who befriended reputable people and traveled massively to Europe.

The book is simply a description of what she witnessed in Morocco during her trip when she was invited by the resident french general Hubert Lyautey during the era of colonization.

books about Morocco 1
Books to read about Morocco

Hope you enjoyed the list of Books about Morocco that we proposed and have found something new to read. Let us know in the comment sections if there are any other books set in Morocco that are interesting. Happy reading


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