Travelling to the Sahara Desert: an experience beyond magic

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The destination today is the Sahar Desert that covers a huge part of Africa, almost 3.5 million square miles. Filling nearly all of the northern part of the continent, it is considered the world’s biggest Sahara. Fortunately, Morocco happens to share a small part of the Sahara.

The Sahara Desert is definitely one of the unique settings in the world. the huge sea of orange sand is surely a must-visit place. Its magnificent sceneries, authentic beauty and the once at life experiences will never disappoint you instead the visit will leave you in awe.

Visiting the Sahara will never fail to impress you. Away from the hustles and bustles of urbanism, the Sahara will provide you with a very different, unique and adventurous experience.

The route to the Sahara is quite challenging. It is long and exhausting; however, it is worth taking. Along the way to the Sahara Desert, there are many things you can see, do, and experience. Make sure to relish the journey and to benefit the maximum. on the way, you can witness the cultural diversity of the country and enjoy the wonderful landscapes you will encounter before reaching the Sahara.

What will you find in the Sahara Desert?

Once you reach your final destination, the Big Sahara Desert, be ready for the mind-blowing upcoming experiences. You will discover and experience many beautiful things.  The first must-see place in the Sahara is Ait Benhaddou. It’s a traditional and very old city fully constructed with mud-brick. The site is included in UNESCO World Heritage list. It is considered Hollywood Morocco as it has been featured in so many famous movies, such as Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator. This is not the only Kasbah or Kser in the region.

The orange sand dunes are what has attracted many tourists across the years. The dunes differ in terms of high and vastness.  The most visited dunes are The Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga sand dunes.  Unlike the former, the Erg Chigaga are difficult to access yet they are the best option if you are looking for a real adventure in its core sense. However, in both dunes, you can ride a camel, climb dunes, sleep under the stars, and wake up to incredible sunrises.

You can’t visit the Sahara without passing by one of the wonderful oases. The Sahara Desert is home to the largest oasis in the world. In the oases, you will see some confusing sceneries, dry mountains, enormous gorges, spectacular waterfalls, rivers and green valleys, which looked strange, marvellous and lost in the middle of the vast desert.

The Sahara is a landscape characterized by calmness. There are no buildings, vehicles or people in sight. Don’t bother yourself with thinking about where to stay as there are many permanent camps there. There are hundreds of campsites in the Sahara Desert that cater to tourists’ needs. The campsites vary in size, services and level of luxury. Yet the external façade of these camps is quite similar. They are constituted by large and solid tents.

What can you do in the Sahara Desert?

First of all, make sure to enjoy the maximum and benefit from the once at life experiences you will undertake. You won’t find these activities anywhere else but in the Sahara.

The first thing you should not miss is taking dromedary and experience how the Bedouin have travelled for centuries through the desert. Just enjoy riding the camel in Morocco and take a video of your shadow going up and down being reflected on the golden dunes.

Another interesting activity you can do is stargazing. At night, bring your mattress outside your tent and enjoy wondering about the stars. Since the desert is not polluted, you will have a very clear view of the sky. you can even see the Milky Way. While stargazing, try to focus in order to catch some passing shooting stars. So don’t miss the opportunity and quickly make a wish.

Imagine yourself watching the dusk in the middle of the Sahara. Witnessing the sun as it fades and hides under the dunes in this magical place would be an unforgettable experience. Also, try to wake up at dawn to see the spectacular sunrise and see how the sun cheers the world from the horizon. Just the mere act of imagination makes your inner self peaceful and relaxed, let alone watching that for real.

You can have a visit with a semi-nomadic family who will receive you with complete hostility. Through your visit, you will be able to discover a little about their distinct way of life. Enjoy drinking a glass of mint tea while listening to their performance of traditional drum music. It will be imprinted in your heart forever

The Sahara indeed is one of the most unique sides of Morocco. strolling the Sahara resembles the adventures and magical stories of the one thousand and one nights. It adds to the country’s culture and geography. The Sahara proves that exploring the country is a real challenge and a beautiful adventure. Make sure to bring a lot of sunscreens and be ready to fell under the spell of the Sahara Desert.


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