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Apple researcher Aaron has discovered evidence in the backend code indicating that Apple Pay Morocco has been activated, and CIH Bank has officially announced its support for this service. Morocco now joins South Africa as the second African country to embrace Apple Pay.

Aaron stumbled upon the live status of the service through the backend code he examined. According to the Apple Pay backend, Apple Pay is now fully operational in Morocco! CIH Bank promptly confirmed its participation and collaboration in this exciting venture.

With Apple Pay, your iPhone assumes the role of your personal bank card, offering a convenient and swift payment experience. CIH BANK enables you to make seamless payments using your iPhone or Apple Watch, adding further ease to your financial transactions. While Apple has yet to update its official webpages, it is expected to do so in the near future.

Interestingly, there are indications that Apple Pay may also be introduced in Vietnam, as a government website inadvertently disclosed this information prematurely. Tinhte, a notable source, observed that Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade website accidentally shared a story about the imminent launch of Apple Pay in the country. Although the webpage was subsequently removed, it can still be accessed via the Web Archive.

Furthermore, Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone feature, which empowers small businesses to accept Apple Pay and contactless card payments solely through an iPhone, is progressively expanding its global reach. It recently arrived in the United Kingdom and is currently undergoing testing in Brazil as part of its international rollout.

Is Apple Pay available in Morocco?

Yes, Apple Pay is now available in Morocco. The recent launch of Apple Pay in the country allows Moroccan users and tourists to enjoy the convenience and security of making payments using their iPhones and Apple Watches. With Apple Pay, individuals can shop at various locations, including shops, restaurants, petrol stations, and more, both in-person and online. The introduction of Apple Pay in Morocco signifies an expansion of the service to the African continent, following South Africa as the second African country to offer this innovative payment solution.

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