A very warm welcome to our online magazine!


A very warm welcome to our online magazine where our objective is to have everything that you could ever possibly need to know about Morocco right here, at your fingertips.

The articles, stories and photographs published in Must Visit Morocco include everything essentially Moroccan, from architecture and design, through travel and shopping, to restaurants, cuisine and recipes. All of this and more are found within our features and amusing, sincere tales about Morocco.

And for those who visit our Destinations and Trips sections, you will find useful information from a tourist’s perspective. and how to make the most of your travel adventures.

Visitors to our site are encouraged to send in and publish their own posts, feedback, experiences, and opinions. Furthermore, if you are interested in joining our community at our online journal, feel free to send an email to our site manager.
Remember, everyone is welcome here.

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Adam G
13 Articles
Hello, world, here is a little relevant biography about yours truly. I am a Welsh/ English scientist who retired at 39 to come and live in Morocco with wifey. That…
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Mouna El Maazouzi: An IT management and digital marketing graduate, Her passion for writing and exploring the moroccan culture has led here, writing about everything Morocco!
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