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Ranging from crowded, traditional, public baths to private, modern, luxurious spas, we present to you our recommended list of the best hammams in Fes. The hectic ancient medina is hot, crowded and dusty, and most of the houses don’t have hot running water, indeed until recently most Moroccans did not have a bath or shower at home.  But there are places where the locals go to wind down, freshen up, and get very clean – the hammams.

A hammam, provides steam baths, massage and a range of special treatments and has been an essential part of Arab and Islamic life for centuries. But they don’t cater just to locals, everyone is welcome and visiting a Moroccan hammam is a great way of experiencing genuine daily life and sharing experiences with local people. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the top-rated hammams in Fes, each with its own special allure and features.

List of the Best Hammams in Fes

1. Les Bains Amani

A luxurious experience awaits you at the Hammam of the Palais Amani Hotel and Spa in Fes. A 45-minute session in a tranquil atmosphere with a hot room, an exfoliation area, showers and a relaxation chamber.  Attended by Arabic-speaking assistants, visitors aged 18–99 can choose from various spa treatments, leaving both the body and the spirit refreshed. The experience is limited to 2 participants per group. Light refreshments are included as part of your premium Hammam session. 

2. Riad Laaroussa Hammam

The Riad Laaroussa Hammam may be found in a charming, restored 17th-century palace that is now a hotel and spa. It has an authentic Moroccan feel and provides a quiet place for those needing peace away from the hustle and din of the medina. The hammam has a marble fountain in the middle and walls decked in mosaic tiles. Relax with a steam bath, then enjoy a light scrub with a Kess glove. The skilled masseuses here will help ease your worries with a calming muscle rub. Post-hammam, find tranquillity in the quiet courtyard while enjoying a glass of Moroccan tea.

3. Hammam Spa Mernissi

Get ready to experience pure relaxation at the Hammam Mernissi & Spa in Fes, located near Bab Boujeloud. These huge public baths offer a splendid experience with a spacious relaxation hall, individual cubicles, and a beautiful blue fountain as the centrepiece on the ground floor. Other facilities include a sauna, showers, and 27 Carrara marble fountains. Upstairs, there are three private hammams and four massage rooms with air conditioning.

The spa can provide visitors with kess gloves, underpants, bathrobes, sandals, towels, black soap made from olive oil, Ghassoul washing clay, and more. Some of these make great souvenirs! Male and female professionals offer specialized scrubbing and soaping, while skilled ladies deliver rejuvenating massages. Immerse yourself in the exceptional experience at Spa Mernissi – one of the must-visit Hammams in Fes.

4. Yuba Cyn.Spa

Unwind with these Yuba Cyn. Spa treatments for a full-body pampering experience. The cabins are stylish, well-decorated and provide a feeling of great comfort.  Treat yourself to traditional hammam and massage experiences, available for individuals or couples. The hammam scrub uses black soap made from olive oil, while massages use argan oil for a delightful sensation. The place is scrupulously clean, the staff are friendly and efficient and it is the little details that contribute to a deep sense of tranquillity in this thoughtfully created spa retreat.

5. Essencia Spa at the Palais Faraj

 At the modern Essentia Spa in the luxurious Palais Faraj Hotel, traditional Moroccan hammam rituals are mixed with a modern twist. Clad in waterproof ‘tadelakt’ plasterwork and marble, this spa offers treatments like steam baths and exfoliation, giving you a sense of well-being using 100% organic cosmetics. The spa allows you to experience a Moroccan hammam with a blend of relaxation and detoxification. Choose from treatments like the Hammam Discovery, a Tonicity Hammam, or their Harmony Hammam. They also offer different types of massages from relaxing to deep tissue and Swedish, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

6. Riad Les Oudayas & Spa

Relax and rejuvenate at the Riad Les Oudayas & Spa with their private hammam amenity. Experience a traditional hammam with a calming steam room and a refreshing bathing area. Designed to evoke a sense of tranquillity, it’s the perfect spot to relax after exploring Fes Medina. The spa’s friendly staff ensures you have a comfortable and enjoyable time, making it an ideal way to recharge during your stay in Morocco. 

7. Spa Riad Fes Maya

Relax at Riad Fes Maya’s spa with massages and treatments that use local organic products. This means that your visit helps support the economy of the area. Whether you’re a guest to the riad or a visitor, everyone is welcome, making it great for couples and friends. Enjoy free toiletries and towels and try their signature Hammam and Gommage for deep cleansing, or choose the ultimate indulgence with the Hammam, Gommage, and Rasool (clay) treatment. Finish with a 45-minute massage using Moroccan Argan oil or orange flower oil. Elevate your well-being at Riad Fes Maya, and you also have the option to take the goodness home as bottles of genuine Argan oil are available to buy.

8. Riad Rcif Hammam & Spa

Riad Rcif Hammam & SPA offers visitors a relaxing escape when exploring Fes. The riad has a traditional hammam where guests can experience steam bathing, exfoliation with black soap, and argan oil massages. In addition to these services, the spa also provides facial and beauty treatments. The hammam is designed to create a feeling of serenity, seamlessly blending Moroccan cultural touches with modern comforts.  A hammam session involves absorbing the soothing heat and being invigorated by a black soap scrub. Afterward, a full-body massage is available to melt away tension, leaving you completely recharged. 

9. Hammam Riad Haj Palace

Experience luxury at the Riad Haj Palace and Spa, a 5-star retreat in Fes, just a short walk from Place Bab Makina. Start your day with a yummy breakfast at the on-site restaurant and then explore Fes’ history at nearby attractions like the Nejjarin Woodwork Museum and the Batha Museum. On your return to the riad, enjoy a pampering spa with Turkish steam baths and a rejuvenating hammam. The 16 cozy rooms are comfortable and peaceful, offering an escape from the noise and hurley-burly of Fes Medina. Relax on the sun terrace and golf course. With a wellness center and spa lounge, Riad Haj Palace and Spa invites you to unwind in a serene oasis.

10. Palais Houyam Spa & Hammam

This traditional Moroccan Hammam, staffed by experienced professionals, offers a unique 30-minute to 90-minute service. Enjoy a gentle massage with natural Moroccan black soap and a traditional bath glove to leave your skin clear and radiant. The Spa and wellness centre features body treatments, massages with essential oils, and beauty therapy in a peaceful environment. The staff provides massages with argan oil and essential oils like lavender and rose, giving genuine relaxation.  Personalized beauty treatments are available on request, all using locally sourced ingredients and adhering to centuries-old traditions.  

11. Moulay Yacoub’s Hot Springs Resort

Take pleasure in pure relaxation at Moulay Yacoub’s Hot Springs Resort, where natural springs gush forth hot water setting the stage for a range of balneotherapy treatments and a luxurious spa. Whether you stay in the 4-star hotel or not, their Thermal Establishment will gladly welcome you to enjoy moments of utter relaxation through manual massages, facials, hammams, and high-tech treatments. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic and other health benefits of the thermal springs for a rejuvenating experience. 

12. Hammam Sidi Azouz

Moving away from the modern, luxurious spas located in hotels, it’s sometimes nice to go back to basics and visit an older and more representative local hammam for a proper traditional experience. It is something that will either leave you amazed or traumatized. Either way, we can promise you that by the end of it, you are going to feel the cleanest that you have ever felt in your life. This is not your average tourist-tailored, all-mod-cons experience, because you are going to get up close and intimate with a lot of locals. Still, if you are courageous enough and want to experience the traditional day-to-day life of an ordinary Moroccan, then this is as legit as it gets.

It costs pennies to enter. but if you want a scrub or a massage, then there is a small additional fee. Ensure that you bring your own shampoo, soap, towels and shorts, or bathing trunks, and if you are interested in the scrubbing and massaging services, then a mat or a small plastic chair is recommended if you don’t want to lay down on the hammam floor. Otherwise, just enjoy this interesting and genuine experience of hammams in Fes.

The hammams in Fes are perfect for a relaxing break from the city’s full-on rush. You’ll find everything, from charming old-school to glitzy modern hammams in Fes. They’re notable for their gre­at architecture and pampering tre­atments, showing off Morocco’s ancient way of life. So, when in Fes, don’t pass up the opportunity of a hammam visit. It’s your chance to soak up old traditions and feel shiny and new, and once rejuvenated, you’re all set to venture back into the charm of the bustling metropolis.

Remember, picking the perfect hammam for a fulfilling experience depends on whether your style is more authentic and old-school or something more luxurious and modern. Fes has a hammam for every taste. So, take your time to rese­arch and choose wisely so you will enjoy a premie­r pampering session right at the cultural heart of Morocco.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a hammam?

A hammam is an authentic Morocco bathhouse, sometimes called a Turkish Bath, offering several body-cleansing and refreshing services. Public hammams have different rooms, times, or days for men and women or the two can be mixed. As well as being used for cleaning, hammams have a social function and are also traditionally used as preparation for a bride before her marriage. Hammams in Fes generally contain a steam chamber, a warm marble bench for scrub treatments, a cold room and a comfort zone.

2. How long does a hammam session last?

A hammam visit’s length isn’t fixed, but it broadly ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. This period covers the time required for steam bathing, skin exfoliation, and a massage.

3. What are the benefits of a hammam?

Going to a hammam has lots of benefits. It can help you get super-clean skin, relax your muscles, boost your blood flow, and fight off stress. Your body gets a great detox and a refresh too!

4. What should I wear during a hammam session?

Many hammams in Fes give you disposable underclothes or towels to use. But it’s absolutely fine if you’d rather wear your own clean swimwear or underwear.

5. Are hammams in Fes only for women?

Goodness, no!! Most of the hammams in Fes have different areas for men and women. Or they might have sessions for everyone together or special days for men. Speak with the hammam first to find out what they offer.

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