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Located along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast, Agadir is a port and beach resort with year-round sun. It is Morocco’s favourite vacation spot, with a beautiful sandy bay surrounded by a never-ending promenade and a row of hotels and restaurants.

Agadir is also a fantastic jumping-off point for day trips and longer journeys to the villages and tourist attractions in the Souss Valley and Anti Atlas areas if you wish to blend sunbathing with sightseeing.

Scroll down to check out our pick for the top 10 must-do activities in Agadir!

Relax on the beach

Are you a beach vacation fan? Then visiting Agadir beach should be at the top of your to-do list activities in Agadir. Agadir Beach, a perfect crescent of deep, fine sand that stretches for miles to the south of town, is a top-rated tourist destination where visitors from all over Europe come to top up their tans all year.

Some of Morocco’s top beach resorts and a slew of amenities, including dozens of cafés and restaurants, line Agadir’s lengthy stretch of coastline. You may also take a boat ride along the coast, sign up for surf instruction, and dine with a view of the sea on the bustling promenade.

Take in the view from the Kasbah

The Kasbah, also known as Agadir Oufella, is located in the heart of Agadir and is one of the city’s most historically significant landmarks. It was built in the 16th century and visiting it is definitely one of the must-do activities in Agadir. The 1960 earthquake in Agadir destroyed much of the city’s old architecture, leaving the hilltop Agadir Kasbah as the city’s only proper historic feature.

The Kasbah means fortress in Arabic, and the ruins of a fortress that lie on a mountain above Agadir’s city deserve to be seen for the wonderful views of Agadir, as the Kasbah offers a magnificent perspective of the sprawling city of Agadir below and the Atlantic coast beyond, particularly around sunset.

Explore Agadir’s Medina

Do you want to see how Agadir looked like before the earthquake? Then add visiting Agadir’s Medina to your to-do list of activities in Agadir. In Ben Sergao, a few kilometers from Agadir’s center, you may step inside a reproduction of a typical Berber Medina.

The Moroccan Italian artist Coco Polizzi developed this open-air museum in 1992, and it is deceptively enormous, measuring more than five hectares. Picture traditional Berber architecture created from local materials such as Atlas Mountain rock and slate.

It’s like stepping back in time as you walk between the reconstructions of historic columns and walls. The Medina is part museum, part residential neighbourhood, with artisan workshops, a small hotel, and an exotic garden. Prepare to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture with the food and crafts on offer, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to take some fantastic photos!

Picnic in the Vallée des Oiseaux

Visiting the Birds Valley is definitely one of top fun activities in Agadir to do during the day if you want to avoid the heat, as the park is nicely covered and pleasant even in the summer. It’s a free-to-enter green space in the heart of Agadir that’s ideal for a family outing.

It has a playground, a walk-through aviary, and bird enclosures where you may see a diverse range of species. Parrots, flamingos, swans, peacocks, and a variety of other bird species from Asia and South America will surround you. Lambs, deer, and turtles are among the other species that inhabit there.

Banana trees, magnolias, bougainvillea, and oleanders line the walkway, and there’s even a tiny ornamental waterfall to cool yourself in the scorching summer heat. Relax with a refreshing drink at one of the cafes located around the front gate!

Observe crocodiles at Agadir Croco Park

Do you want to experience one of the surreal and fascinating activities in Agadir? Make a point of stopping by Agadir Crocodile Park. It is one of Morocco’s most distinctive and attractive sights, and it was originally built as part of a conservation project to protect Nile Crocodiles. It has been a huge success, with 325 Nile crocodiles presently living there.

The park also has a lovely botanical garden with over 300 types and varieties of plants native to the Agadir region as well as exotics, and the staff is extremely educated about both the crocodiles and the flora.

Go for a stroll in Souk El Had

There’s nothing like a stroll through the public markets to instantly immerse yourself in the new culture you’ve discovered. The central market in Agadir is massive, covering more than 13 hectares and employing 10,000 people, making it one of Morocco’s largest. It was built as a stronghold in the aftermath of the city’s devastating earthquake in 1960 and has since been upgraded with a roof and new flooring.

If you want to learn more about Moroccan culture, visiting souks and open-air markets in Agadir is one of the must-do activities in Agadir that can teach you a lot. You may look for fresh products (olives, spices, honey, dates, fabrics, leather goods, furniture, cedar carvings, clay tagines, Moroccan teapots, argan oil) and more than we could ever mention here if you’re willing to bargain!

Day Trip to Paradise Valley

Agadir isn’t just about relaxing on the beach; sightseeing is one of the many interesting activities in Agadir that you will undoubtedly enjoy! It won’t be long before you start hearing stories of a beautiful mountain valley if you spend enough time in Morocco. It’s a terrific place to get a sense of Moroccan country life, located 60 kilometres north of Agadir.

Day treks here along defined hiking paths travel through orchards of almond and olive trees, as well as little settlements, all with views of the Atlas Mountain peaks rising up in the distance. Locals picnic here on weekends, so visit the valley during the week for a more peaceful experience. It’s also an excellent spot to get fresh products from the area.

Visit Agadir’s Memoire

Because Agadir’s rate of development has been dizzying, this museum on the eastern end of the Jardin d’Olho will provide some background. The Museum of Memory is located in Agadir, in the center of the relaxing region known as the Garden of Portugal.

The latter was constructed to commemorate the devastating earthquake that struck the city on February 29, 1960. This museum is organized around three themes: the city before the earthquake, the city after the calamity, and lastly the city today, with excellent images, texts, and moving stories from survivors.

There are no high-tech exhibits on show; instead, there are newspaper clippings, details from the rescue operation, striking images from before and after the accident, and an account of the city’s rehabilitation. After that, stroll around Jardin d’Olho, named after Agadir’s twin city in Portugal, and reflect among the palms and cactuses.

Visit the Souss-Massa National Park of Agadir

If you enjoy wildlife, this is one of the amazing activities in Agadir worth doing. Souss Massa is a spectacular natural park south of Agadir. It was established in 1991 to protect the region’s wetlands and the species that inhabit them.

Wetland, marshes, swamps, and white sand dunes cover 33 000 hectares of the park. It is one of the few areas in Morocco where the northern bald ibis can be seen. This park also attracts a variety of other exotic birds that come to breed. Souss-Massa Park is an excellent place to visit in Agadir because of its conservation value and natural landscape beauty.

La grande roue of Agadir

Agadir’s Grande Roue is one of the most beautiful routes in the world. The Ferris wheel, which is barely 25 meters from the shore, is a new attraction in Agadir that is growing in popularity. A French businessman spent six months building this wheel. It is the highest in Africa, standing 50 meters tall and has 27 rooms, each of which can accommodate six people.

The gondolas are computer-controlled and equipped with wind sensors to keep them steady in the face of Atlantic gusts. The wheel usually rotates five times, providing you spectacular views of Marina district, a portion of the city port, the entire promenade, and elements of Agadir’s new city. Sunset is, of course, the finest time to ride.

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