Top 5 coastal villages near Agadir you MUST visit

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Only a few days remain before Summer officially begins, and what better vacation destination in Morocco than villages near Agadir? You’re right, none! We are here to help you decide the best coastal villages near Agadir, Morocco you must visit, for you to have the best Summer experience. 

Agadir, the capital of the Souss-Massa region which occupies a strip in the middle of the kingdom from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders with Algeria in the east. It is a junction between the North and the South of the country; therefore playing a strategic role at the economic, socio-cultural and touristic levels. It is known for having the most interesting villages and beaches in the entire country.

The catch is that all these villages can be visited within a week-long trip. Let’s discover them together!


Taghazout is one of the most breathtaking villages near Agadir, only 19km (12 miles) away from the dazzling city. The town is one of the best renowned nationally and internationally.  

The strong and big waves of the region had made it Morocco’s surf capital, attracting world champions, seasoned pros and beginners alike. 

Not a fan of surfing? How about fishing? Or maybe friendly locals with a love for adventure, and a wide portfolio of activities is what you’re looking for. Well fear not, as Taghazout checks all the boxes, making it a bucket list destination for all!


In the province of Tiznit in Morocco in the region of Souss-Massa, and only after an hour and 30 minutes drive, you’ll find yourself in one of the best cozy and laid-back coastal villages near Agadir city, Mirleft. 

Known for surf and fishing classes, you might also be interested in the culinary excellence of the region, the hospitality of the locals, and its artisanal products.

The ruined fort behind the village is an amazing scenery making its beautiful and deep beach much more attractive, making it a sight definitely worth traveling for!


We can not talk about the best villages near Agadir, without mentioning the warm Aourir. This coastal town is located about 12 km north Agadir. Aourir is famous for its banana trees, its surf spots, and how cheap it is in comparison to its close neighbors. 

In Aourir you can go to the historical museum to unravel the rituals of old Berbers, go on a horseback riding excursion, go for a morning hike to check the gorgeous sunrise and how it reflects on the crystal clear waters of the town or even have quality freshly fished seafood.

Therefore, it is one of our personal favorite villages near Agadir of all!

Villages near AgadirTamraght:

Tamraght is one of the Moroccan Berber villages near Agadir (15 km north), located exactly between Aourir and Taghazout, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, known for having the best surf spots in the Agadir region.

The beaches have remained wild and very popular with tourists, the beach of Tamraght is called Imourann.

When in town, you’ll be able to benefit from surf classes with skilled trainers, camel riding cruises to watch the sunset with friends or locals, as well as an excursion to the stunning Paradise valley.

Aghroud, the rainbow village: 

Only 35Km away from Agadir, you’ll find yourself in the coastal village of Aghroud; the most colorful city in the country.

With its rainbow houses that give color to life, its picturesque beach with fine white sand, its crystal clear water, and its breathtaking landscapes, Aghroud is an ideal destination for a good vacation plan away from the hassles of everyday life.

Looking for a destination to stop time, take a breath and start off fresh? Aghroud is the perfect destination for you! And if you’re looking for discoveries of nature, a good tann, and instagram worthy sights, Aghroud is still the coastal destination for you in Morocco!

Aghroud, villages near Agadir


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