Top 10 Morocco Honeymoon Destinations For Couples

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The delights of Morocco are being enjoyed by more and more foreign visitors every year, and many are now choosing Morocco to celebrate their marriage with a honeymoon in the romantic and timeless cities of the country. Even the rich and famous are now selecting Morocco as the location for their honeymoons. 

It’s romantic, it’s beautiful and a unique experience, so why not pick Morocco for your perfect honeymoon? 

Morocco has a marvelous blend of culture, a mix of ancient tradition and modernity and with everything from cedar forests to sandy beaches to delicious cuisine and stunning architecture, Morocco has a wide variety of locations to choose from for your particular tastes.  

It’s romantic, it’s beautiful and a unique experience, so why not pick Morocco for your perfect honeymoon? 

Planning Ahead. 

It’s always wise to plan ahead and there are several considerations that should be addressed before deciding on when and where you wish to spend your Honeymoon in Morocco

Perhaps the most crucial is the weather. Morocco has a warm to mild climate most of the year, without a great deal of rainfall. September to May are probably the best months to visit Morocco for a honeymoon as the summer months can be rather hot, sometimes intolerably so, though coastal are a little cooler they will also be packed with tourists, including huge numbers of Moroccans escaping from the heat. Springtime, with its flowers, green grass and cool breezes is a popular time to visit for many.

Secondly, the surroundings. Morocco has deserts, forests, Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines with lovely beaches and maritime activities, mountains and even skiing, tranquil towns and villages and bustling medinas to modern cities. 

The big cities include Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Fes, Tangier and Agadir. All of these have their individual charms and there is plenty to do and see. Obviously, these larger urban centres have a wide selection of restaurants, lots of shops and markets, where you can bargain for souvenirs, swimming pools and a wealth of activities in which you may participate.

Many have secluded resorts either in the city centre or on the outskirts. We have it all, but you must decide what suits you best. For a cultural honeymoon in Morocco, Fes, Marrakech and Tangier have a rich history, many monuments and ancient ruins within easy reach. 

Essaouira, Al Hoceima or Asilah all make for a more tranquil honeymoon location and are each very beautiful coastal destinations. 

Thirdly, the accommodation that fits your needs. Some wish to stay in luxury hotels, others slightly cheaper hotels or guest houses, or would you prefer a riad or dar with a Moroccan family or maybe even a camping and hiking trip for those who are more adventurous or lovers of nature? 

Finally, you have to decide whether you’re going to spend your honeymoon in one location or travel from place to place by yourselves or with a touring party. 

Here are our TOP TEN Morocco Honeymoon Destinations for Couples: 

Honeymoon in Marrakech.

One of the most popular Morocco honeymoon destinations in the world and popular with celebrities, Marrakech has it all. The hospitality of the people, warm sunshine glowing from the walls of ‘The Red City’, every kind of amenity, the charm of the ancient medina, bustling markets and opulent mosques with elegant minarets reaching into the blue sky, Marrakech is an unforgettable experience.

It also has some of the most exclusive five-star hotels in the world, so if it’s luxury that you’re after, look no further. But many honeymooners choose to stay in a more traditional riad with an interior garden and fountain. Equally, there are top-end restaurants, foody tours and even hot-air balloon rides available.  

A visit to the Jemaa el-Fnaa is a must, this is the huge, world famous square and the beating heart of Marrakech that comes alive in the evening with sights, sounds and aromas that are a delightful assault on the senses. Listen to the story-tellers, haggle at the stalls selling just about anything and everything and watch the hustle and bustle of a modern yet medieval experience. 

Honeymoon in Casablanca. 

The biggest and most modern city in Morocco, Casablanca was made a popular romantic destination by the film bearing its name, and has a wondrous admixture of design and style, from Arab to Andalusian and Art Deco to Classically Modern. As it’s so modern in many regards, there are more museums and exhibitions, both permanent and temporary here, music festivals of many genres and some top-notch restaurants, many delightful eateries and modern international restaurant chains and fast-food outlets. 

Honeymoon in Fes.

The ancient medina of Fes is the largest, pedestrianized, urban area in the world and its labyrinthine 9,600 streets offer an amazing look back into medieval times. The souks here are resplendent in all manner of goods and it’s a great place to haggle for your souvenirs.

Fes is said to be the spiritual, cultural and intellectual capital of Morocco, and was, indeed, the countries first capital city. It has the oldest university in the world, the religiously important Al Karaouine Mosque and library and the tanneries, where leather products are still made in the traditional manner that they were hundreds of years ago. The medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

Honeymoon in Essaouira.

A small, beautiful, peaceful city with golden beaches on the Atlantic Coast, this is the ideal location for a romantic honeymoon. Essaouira can be a little windy at times, but this makes it ideal for a range of watersports. Camel or horse rides on the beach are a must and the medina is quite charming and cheaper than some of the bigger cities. It is quite Bohemian. The freshly caught seafood is delicious 

Honeymoon in Tangier.

One of the Pillars of Hercules, Tangier nestles on a peninsula only 20 miles (32 km) from Spain and also marks the divide between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The city has always been a rich mix of multiple cultures and has a fascinating and is renowned for its coffee shops, where famous authors have sat and scribbled for hundreds of years and still do.

The architecture, cuisine and art are a mixture of Berber, Arab, Spanish, Jewish, English and other influences and honeymooners can easily pop over to Spain on a hydrofoil ferry; only a forty-five minute journey, or visit the cosy, seaside town of Asilah, just a little distance to the south on the Atlantic coast, itself an increasingly popular one of the Morocco honeymoon destinations for couples. 

Honeymoon in Al Hoceima.

Very popular for Moroccan holidaymakers during the hot summer months, Al Hoceima is nice and cool, both atmospherically and metaphorically. Out of the tourist season, it is romantic, peaceful, relaxed and has the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches imaginable. It is renowned for its excellent seafood and Spanish styled-architecture and has lots of quaint little guest houses and riads available that are perfect for honeymooning couples.  Another popular activity for lovers is to take a boat trip to one of the many small islands situated just off the coast. 

Honeymoon in Mirleft.

Do you want to know a secret? 

Well, Mirleft is a lovely little place, well off of the usual tourist trails and so is the ideal honeymoon destination for those who want somewhere different and secluded. A secret paradise, the town is crammed with delightful cafes, restaurants and hospitable, comfortable guest houses. It has gorgeous Atlantic beaches and is an excellent venue for watersports of many kinds. For those who enjoy cycling or hiking, there are many trails to be followed through breathtaking scenery along the rugged coastline. 

Honeymoon in Ouarzazate. 

A beautiful city in the High Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate, ‘The Gateway to the Sahara’, is home to the Atlas Studios where famous films such as Gladiator and Indiana Jones and TV series like Game of Thrones were shot due to the stunning local scenery including the incomparable Ait Ben Haddou, built in red wattle and daub on a steep hill and my personal favourite place in Morocco. Nearby are huge date palmeries, the awesome Todra Gorge and the lovely Taourirt Kasbah.

 If it’s scenery you want for your unforgettable Honeymoon in Morocco, this region is without equal in the world. 

Honeymoon in Merzouga.

The Erg Chebbi dunes are an incredibly huge and beautiful region, you can stay in a Berber tent under the myriad stars and huge, glowing moon, watch the sunrise over the Sahara and take a camel trek through the shifting sands. Sleep to the subtle strains of traditional, music and enjoy refreshing mint tea, it all seems so surreal and Hollywood, like something out of Lawrence of Arabia and will be a Honeymoon in Morocco that you will never forget.

There are plenty of local villages and markets where you can pick up souvenirs handmade by local craftsmen in time-honoured fashion, all at prices far less than in the larger towns and cities. 

Honeymoon in The Blue City of Chefchaouen.

The Blue City of Chefchaouen, so called because many of the streets and buildings are painted in an ocean blue, is situated in the beautiful Rif Mountains in the central-north of Morocco. Walking the narrow streets here rather feels like moving across the sea-bed in a shallow, tropical ocean.

It is a tranquil and relaxing location, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Romantic, stylish and beautiful, Chefchaouen is an ideal retreat for those wanting a quieter time for their special vacation. And there are gorgeous, sandy Mediterranean beaches a little to the north and plenty of charming countryside walks in the local area.  

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