Hiking around Chefchaouen: Top 5 breathtaking hiking trails

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In this article, we will provide information about the experience of trekking in the high mountains of the Rif. Hiking around Chefchaouen is the ideal starting point for an enjoyable mountain trip in the direction of the wonderful Rif mountains.

In the northeast of Morocco lies the Rif mountain range, distinguished by its tree-lined paths and its wonderful views of villages and cities and the Mediterranean Sea. The altitude reaches nearly 2000 meters above sea level. For lovers of travel and enjoyment of the mountainous tourism of the city of Chefchaouen, the blue jewel.

A few nice hiking trails start just outside the city center of Chefchaouen and lead into the nearby Rif Mountains.

A popular one is a pathway that leads just behind the waterfall of the Ras Elma River while hiking in the direction of the Spanish mosque.

The best trips and activities that tourists should take advantage of when traveling to Morocco with the aim of enjoying mountain tourism in the arms of the Chefchaouen mountains.

Hiking around Chefchaouen: The Akchour waterfalls

Akchour is a natural wonder located on the road to Oued Laou in Talambot village at a distance of 33 kilometers from the city of Chefchaouen with greenery and living water sources throughout the year.

You could take advantage of a whole day to discover this wonderful natural site: walks, hiking , swimming, a Tajine by the river, and discover the god bridge 

It is a small corner of dreams and a marvelous site, of a still virgin natural beauty. For all amateurs This site is more and more known and attracts thousands of Moroccan and foreign tourists each year, a beautiful waterfall, virgin and green nature, water sources… all you need for a moment of relaxation and relaxation’s hiking, you will not be disappointed by the magnificent sight of the Akchour gorges.

Hiking around Chefchaouen: National Park Talassemtane

Hiking in chefchaouen 3

Chefchaouen has more to offer than the color blue. Its surroundings are much more attractive to explore. Natural Park, mountain peaks. With its splendid landscapes, rare plants, and animal species, Talassemtane National Park is a dream site for ecotourism. This circuit guarantees you a real authentic discovery of this splendid site and the rich culture of the Berbers of the Rif whose hospitality goes beyond borders. , visiting a Berber family in the Rif Mountains of Chefchaouen will make your experience unique, enjoying a warm welcome and exceptional hospitality. This route is off the beaten track where you will be in a wild environment and rustic villages.

This park located in the vicinity of Chefchaouen will allow you to enjoy the trails and visit the Rif, a few meters from the city. Impressive peaks such as the 1616-meter Jebel el Kelaa, at the foot of which lies Chefchaouen, and in the deep valleys, the hiking companions are forests of cedars, oaks, olive trees, and firs.

Hiking around chefchaouen: Park Bouhachem

Hiking around chefchaouen

An enclave of trails and virgin forests in the only regional natural park, nearly 40,000 ha, characterized by great biodiversity. There is also the only fir forest in Morocco.

The Natural Park was created in 2014 in collaboration with the Natural Park of Lubéron, which passed on its know-how, in particular, to win the support of local populations and train the management staff of the park. The park has a significant number of rare and endemic plant species

Bouhachem Park covers an area of ​​8000 hectares shared by the three provinces of Tetouan, Chefchaouen, and Larache.

 It is a deciduous forest with an important florist richness that you can discover during a hike in this park.

Hiking in chefchaouen: Oued el Kenar


Oued El Kennar is a river located in the Talassemtane Park, the water sneaks discreetly between narrow gorges from Chefchaouen before arriving at the village of El Kennar. You can walk and swim in its turquoise waters, to fully enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of this region.

Hiking around chefchaouen:Hike up to jbel el kelaa

The path leading to the Citadel begins from the rear of the Ras Elma area in Chefchaouen. Few sports enthusiasts among the mountains can reach the top of this mountain. On the other hand, if you are thinking of enjoying this trip, you have to be at a high level of fitness. This mountain tourist trip may take approximately nine hours of walking. During the hiking between the mountains of the city of Chefchaouen, you can use a local tour guide so as not to get lost among the mountains. Tourism in the natural areas of the mountainous city of Chefchaouen is very interesting, but it may require some courage.

Hiking around Chefchaouen: Hike up to jebel tisouka


Tisuka is the most difficult mountain peak in northern Morocco. The mountain is named after the village of Tisuka at its foot. It is the second-highest mountain peak in the western countryside and the National Park of Talmasttan, with a height of 2122 meters above sea level, and the sixth in the list of the highest peaks of the Rif’s mountain range. The majestic mountain, a challenge to all climbers, is one of the most beautiful prairies in northern Morocco.

The mountain is located on the border between the communities of Talbot and Bab Taza in the province of Chefchaouen, and is about 10 kilometres from Chechaouen, and is considered part of the National Park of Talmasttan, the wonderful natural wealth.


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