Is Morocco expensive for travelers? 2023

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Are you a traveler looking to visit Morocco? then the question “Is Morocco expensive for travelers?” must have been on your mind for a while now, and the answer is: Morocco is generally a cheap place to visit for travelers on a tight budget but it does varie depending on your lifestyle, what you want to do, the places you want to visit, and how many stars does the restaurant or hotel you want to go to has.

Morocco is a large country in North Africa, which has the second-largest population on the African continent. It’s home to cities like Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, and Tangier. Morocco is often seen as an exotic destination known for its beautiful beaches, ancient architecture, and rich culture.

So whether you want to live like a king on a budget or just get by during your stay, we’re here to inform you of the country’s most reasonable accommodations, restaurants all while saving money, and still enjoy Morocco.

Is Morocco expensive: Accommodation

When it comes to selecting lodging that answers the question “Is Morocco expensive?”, there is something for everyone’s budget. Morocccan riads, backpacker-style hostels to luxury hotels are available. There are also more typical hotels and camping choices, particularly in the Sahara.

Is Morocco expensive: Hotels

It is one of the most costly lodging options in Morocco, but if you are not seeking for something unique and want the greatest facilities or a familiar experience, the hotel is the way to go. Some riads, on the other hand, provide hotel-style amenities like free WiFi and breakfast.

What may make a difference is that a hotel might provide worldwide cuisine, but the food is delicious, and the experience of staying in a riad is unrivaled.

Price range: 60–70 euros

Is Morocco expensive: Hostels

You will also find Moroccan hostels everywhere, and if you want to save some money or know that you will just be staying in your hotel to sleep and simply worry about a decent bed, a hostel is a good option.

A riad, on the other hand, can be more cost effective. Some hotels provide complimentary breakfast and WiFi, but it all depends on the package you choose or the arrangement you reach.

Price range: 50-60 euros

Is Morocco expensive: Riads

A riad, which comes from the Arabic word “garden,” is a kind of housing found in Morocco that consists of a garden shared by the surrounding rooms, they are the most well-known feature of the country reflecting traditional Muslim designs with individual rooms. The client is given special attention, and there are fewer rooms than in a traditional hotel. And it’s one of the best kinds of accommodations for travelers who want to feel submerged by the culture and the authenticity of the country.

Riads are the most cost-effective and favored lodging choice for visitors to Morocco.

Price range: 40 to 50 euros

Is Morocco expensive: Tents

These tents, constructed of camel or goat hair, are stretched with ropes and hoisted on masts. It is the ideal abode for desert nomads as well as those who wish to get the complete Sahara experience.

You may conclude your day in a tent while watching the sunset in the midst of the desert if you’ve previously rode a camel, traveled across the dunes, and even driven a quad.

Price range: 20-30 euros

Is Morocco expensive: Meals

Moroccan cuisine is relatively affordable, and you can easily get by on $12-15 per day.
Most hotels in Morocco include a complimentary breakfast, which often includes fried eggs, olives, fresh bread, honey, and delectable fruits. You’re all prepared for a day of exploration if you add a few glasses of fresh mint tea to the mix.

If you’re staying someplace that doesn’t serve breakfast, there are lots of cafés and restaurants around that will serve local fare, and a simple breakfast of pastries, jam, and honey will set you back approximately $2.

Lunch is about $5 on average, and there’s a lot to choose from on the menu. A tagine may be had for as little as $3 if you travel outside of the touristy medinas, and it can go up to 8$ in more popular areas.

Is Morocco expensive: Transportation

To know the answer to “Is Morocco expensive?” You must be able to weigh all your options. Therefore, you must know that Morocco has two major bus companies: CTM and Supratours. CTM is usually the superior bus company since it offers more routes and departure times to passengers. Nonetheless, both firms run clean, contemporary buses with a solid safety record, so there’s no need to pick one over the other. Prices are very low – a three-hour bus ride from Marrakech to Essaouira costs only 80 MAD ($8.50), and you’ll seldom pay more than $15 for any excursion in the nation.

If you’d prefer a little more solitude on your trip, taxis may transport you between popular attractions for a reasonable price if you’re traveling in a group. A cab from Marrakech to Essaouira costs roughly 600 MAD ($62), which is pricey for a solitary traveler but not outrageous if you’re with a group of four pals.

Shared taxis, sometimes known as great taxis, are available in Morocco and are an ideal choice for lone travelers. You’ll be sharing with locals, which will provide a unique cultural experience, as well as saving money by splitting the cost of a cab among six people. A five-person shared grand cab from Chefchaouen and Tangier would cost 100MAD (the equivalent of 10$).

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