Transportation in Morocco : Best means to get around Morocco

    Transportation in Morocco- No one can deny the fact that Morocco remains one of the most beautiful touristic destinations for hodophiles. The diversity of its landscapes, cultures and its several places to visit attracts annually over 13 million backpackers, families’ honeymooners, or even foodies from all corners of the world.

    Nevertheless, as in all other touristic countries, it is still difficult for first-time visitors to get around Morocco without help in a comfy way, especially in big cities such as Marrakesh, Casablanca, or even Fes. And that’s because of the difference in traffic signs, reckless driving, Tuk-Tuks, and parking problems.

    And as we all know; Time and quality are two deciding factors that make everyone’s journey either magical or catastrophic and to have both of them, it is necessary to focus on upstream research about transportation in Morocco.

    Here is a run-down of all kinds of transfers in Morocco and things you should know about them.

    Transportation in Morocco: Trains

    If you are aiming to go from one city to another, Train can be a good idea. As a matter of a fact, trains are more comfortable and sometimes much cheaper than other alternatives. the only disadvantage that you can notice is that trains are being slow.

    First-class is only 25 % more expensive than second-class. Traveling in first class is a good deal due to the assigned seats, and the less crowded train cabinets.

    Besides the conventional train, Morocco also has the high-speed train called Al buraq. The TGV currently serves 4 stations connecting Moroccan cities with strong economic activity: Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat, and kenitera

    Transportation in Morocco: Hiring Private driver

    Hiring A private driver, it’s obviously a luxurious way to enjoy visiting all destinations that you scheduled for your stay in Morocco.

    As matter of a fact, hiring a private driver means having a professional chauffeur by your side speaking other languages in addition to Moroccan Darija. It is a private driver and a personal tour guide who can talk and make you learn in a fast and fun way the country’s culture.

    There are numerous advantages of opting for this choice to transport in Morocco. Especially the flexibility, the trust, and the comfort. Besides, unlike the other Transportation means in Morocco, Stops can be any time anywhere!

    We can suggest a lot of Moroccan companies providing this service, such as Mint-Tea Tours.

    Transportation in Morocco: Buses

    Moroccan buses are the most economical way of transport and local’s favorite medium and long-distance means of transfer. But truly speaking, buses are only recommended when other methods of transportation such as trains are not available. They are usually not maintained, and always take delay.

    Otherwise, Private lines and CTM (the national company) are reliable, comfortable, and relatively faster than other companies. They also fix departure schedules that you can check on their website.

    Morocco Bus
    Transportation in Morocco-Agadir Bus Station

    Transportation in Morocco: Taxis

    The grand taxis, also called white taxis are Minivans or Leisure activity vehicles that accommodate six passengers.

    It is an effective way to transport when more travelers are in, due to expenses sharing. To do so, you can even look for them yourself or wait until other customers arrive.

    Petit taxis are able to transfer clients only to the city. They come in a variety of colors and accept only 3 passengers per vehicle.

    Long Distance Taxi edited scaled
    Transportation in Morocco-Long Distance Taxi

    Transportation in Morocco: Driving around Morocco

    For petrolheads, Vacations are a more fulfilling experience when navigating new roads on their own, however, it is important to know that driving in Morocco is not as easy as they can imagine. Accident rates are a little bit higher and that’s because of drivers’ ignorance of traffic signs and regulations. Besides, finding places turns impossible sometimes because of the lack of street signs.

    However, driving on roads outside cities is a real pleasure thanks to the landscapes and nature that you can enjoy during the trip.

    And to do so, it is necessary to rent a car. You can rent one cheaper by arranging a car rental in advance through the travel company you choose to arrange the flight. or you can book a car rental with multi-national franchises that are operating in Morocco such as hertz.

    Transportation in Morocco: Tramway

    If you are staying in Casablanca or Rabat, the tramway will be the best option to traverse the city for cheap while discovering it in a better way.

    In fact, Tram-way stretches across all the neighborhoods in the city and stops frequently at several stations.

    The tram-way transportation price has been set at 6 mad Per ride in both cities.

    Besides, Morocco’s tram-way company sanitizes the cabinets daily and offers free wi-fi on board, to make passengers feel comfy on it.

    yus kiem tqL yrCFLXs unsplash 1
    Transportation in Morocco- Casablanca Tram-way Station

    Transportation in Morocco: Air-Travel

    As we know, Morocco is over 2000 KM long from the northern region to the southern border with Mauritania. For those who are aiming to visit Dakhla, Layoun, or even Agadir, using Buses may be a bad option when they can get on a plane.

    The Moroccan national carrier, Royal Air Maroc, And the low-cost airline company Air Arabia are the two companies operating in Morocco and scheduling multiple daily flights to connect the farthest regions of Morocco.


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