The Best Moroccan Riads in Fes

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the best Moroccan Riads in Fes. The ancient medina of Fes is the spiritual, intellectual and cultural heart of Morocco. It is also the largest urban pedestrianized area in the world with 9,600 narrow, traffic-free streets and alleyways full of riads and dars. Riad means” garden” and dar means “house”, so the rough difference is that a riad usually has a garden and central water feature, either a pond, fountain, or both and a dar may have a courtyard but not a notable garden or water feature. But this is rather a flexible distinction in today’s world. 

Many of the old riads have been restored using traditional methods and are now in use as accommodation for tourists. Some are like little hotels, others still occupied by the owning family with rooms available for visitors. Many are old palaces or homes of once powerful and influential Fassi (people of Fes) families. They’ve been turned into splendid places to stay, bringing a true Moroccan experience to visitors. But there are so many that it becomes a real problem deciding which one to choose. The right choice could make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the time you spend in this incredible city. This article will take you on a tour of the top Riads in Fes. We’ll showcase their standout features, amenities, hospitality and the one-of-a-kind experiences they offer. Let’s set off to discover the best Riads in Fes!

A List of the Best Moroccan Riads in Fes:

1. Riad Fes

Riad Fes, perhaps not the most original of names, but certainly one of the best places to stay in the Medina of Fes. It offers comfy rooms with a traditional Moroccan feel. All of the rooms come with up-to-date features like air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The rooms either overlook the bustling Medina or the picturesque internal courtyard. Don’t forget to savour the delicious Moroccan dishes in the Riad’s excellent restaurant.

Riad Fes also has a rooftop terrace that offers stunning views of the Medina, a spa offering hammam services, and a refreshing swimming pool. If you need help or room service, the front desk is open 24 hours a day, and they also arrange airport shuttle services to and from the riad. Riad Fes is recommended for its beauty, cleanliness, and warm staff—a favourite for anyone seeking a pleasant stay in Fes.

2. Riad Laaroussa

In the heart of Fez Medina, the Riad Laaroussa is a restored building set in a grand 17th-century palace. From here, it’s easy to reach the city’s lively markets and notable sights due to its central location. It has a tranquil courtyard filled with orange trees making it a peaceful hideaway from the clamour and argy-bargy of the Medina streets. There are large suites and smaller rooms available, all exhibiting Moroccan flair, but affording modern-day comforts. Some even come with fireplaces, very unusual in Morocco, but most welcome in the winter.

The terrace is a relaxing spot, offering breathtaking medina views and even a revitalising shower. The riad staff can also arrange professional guides, transport and a spa with classic hammam therapies. The helpful team warrants high praise, as do the calming environment, and the stunning architecture, e­ndorsing Riad Laaroussa as one of the best Riads in Fes.

3. Riad Palais Amani

Residing in the heart of Fes’ medina, the Riad Palais Amani is a splendidly revamped palatial riad offering high-end lodgings. With 14 rooms merging traditional Moroccan influences and modern designs, it ensures classy stays. The on-site restaurant offers the region’s famous bastilla, among other local treats. You can choose to participate in cooking classes and go on a food tour through the medina, purchasing spices, meats and vegetables that you can have cooked for you or help in preparing later on.

You can also relax at the spa, indulging in restorative treatments. Whether it’s the hammam experience or the 24/7 concierge, every service here is personalised. The rooftop offers a relaxing space and an all-around view of the Riad and medina. Moreover, the Riad organizes airport travel, guided sightseeing, and local entertainment to make your Fes adventure unforgettable.

4. Riad Maison Bleue

Nestled in Fes’ old Medina, Riad Maison Bleue provides a genuine Moroccan experience. It mixes classic Moroccan style with a modern twist and a serene setting. All the rooms and suites have a personalised touch, each having unique antiques with their own stories to tell. You can enjoy traditional Moroccan food at the restaurant and alcohol is available, including award-winning wines from the Meknes region of Morocco.

The Riad also offers room service,  a private spa, a hammam, a gym and a rooftop deck with amazing views. The Al Abbadi family owns the Riad and takes pride in providing high levels of service and warm, family-style hospitality. Riad Maison Bleue offers a calming and intimate atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for couples and honeymooners.

5. Riad Dar Bensouda

At the heart of Fes’ historic medina, Riad Dar Bensouda awaits. It is a beautiful palatial riad dating from the 18th century, restored for today’s explorers. Each room feels unique and provides a special experience. The Riad offers charming views over the internal courtyard or, externally, of the busy medina. The on-site restaurant has many tasty Moroccan dishes on the menu. The Riad features an open central area with a small pool, a rooftop offering city views, a calming hammam, free Wi-Fi, airport pickups, and help with tours of the Medina. Reviewers love the beauty of the Riad, the friendly staff, the tasty food, and the prime location for adventures in Fes. Don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews! 

6. Riad Dar Farah

Riad Dar Farah, a 3-star gem in Fes, Morocco, offers a cozy retreat with six air-conditioned rooms featuring terrace views, soundproofed windows, and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are equipped with thoughtful amenities like bath sheets and towels for a comfortable stay. Guests can savour traditional Moroccan cuisine at the on-site restaurant, the  Riad Farah Joy Kitchen. And it really is. The Riad’s accommodation provides a perfect blend of modern comfort and authentic charm, creating a memorable experience in the heart of Fes, just a short walk from the Royal Palace.

7. Riad Rcif Alif Suite­ & SPA

The Riad Rcif Alif Suite & SPA is situated squarely in Fes El Bali (old Fes Medina). It’s close to key sites, like the Royal Palace and the Karaouiyne Mosque. The suites are a tasteful mix of Moroccan tradition with modern touches. They are all comfortable and have flat-screen TVs and air conditioning. There’s a spa for unwinding, massage is available along with traditional Hammam rituals, and beauty treatments. The free WiFi keeps guests connected, and extras include airport transfers and round-the-clock desk service. A restaurant on-site features delicious Moroccan cuisine. Here, guests can enjoy the local zest, surrounded by Fes’s lively vibe.

8. Riad Fes Maya Suite & Spa

In Fes’ Medina, Riad Fes Maya Suite & Spa embodies Moroccan culture, introducing guests to local heritage. The Riad, known for its friendly environ­ment, presents tastefully furnished suites with Moroccan aesthetics and modern conveniences. Some suites give a delightful view of the central courtyard. The spa is a tranquil refuge with massages, hammam procedures, and beauty treatments. The on-site restaurant offers an extensive menu of Fassi cuisine including couscous, tajines, char-grilled lamb, and the famous pastilla. Visitors can also savour Moroccan salads, olives, fruits and assorted drinks. Services like airport transfers, guidance with local attractions and trips are also available. The restaurant also caters to non-resident guests, so you can pop in and sample the excellent food even if you’re not staying here. 

9. Riad Diamant de Fes

Riad Diamant de Fes, situated within the Medina of Fes, offers a convenient base for exploring the city’s historic sites and cultural attractions. Its rooms are decked out in traditional Moroccan style. Guests can enjoy a comfy stay with amenities like private bathrooms and air conditioning. For peace of mind, there’s 24-hour security and a secure deposit box for valuables and documents that is provided by the Riad.

Guests can enjoy a daily halal breakfast and additional services like airport transfers are available. The Riad’s proximity to attractions like the Dar Batha Museum and the impressive Bab Boujloud city gate allows for easy exploration of the historic medina and its narrow, car-free streets. Riad Diamant de Fes prioritizes providing a pleasant and secure experience for its guests in the vibrant city of Fes.

10. Riad Semlalia

Welcome to Riad Semlalia, your home in the busy city of Fes. It’s a special place offering a genuine Moroccan experience. This guesthouse is in the Medina’s heart, placing you close to all of the attractions. It offers private rooms with traditional Moroccan-style decor and modern conveniences like air conditioning and private bathrooms. Savour mouth-watering Moroccan meals in the excellent restaurant here. You also have access to free Wi-Fi, a round-the-clock front desk providing room service and a helping hand in planning local adventures. Shared spaces and its rooftop terrace are perfect spots for relaxing. Riad Semlalia is a captivating hideaway in lively Fes. 

11. Riad Dar Kirami

Nestled in Fes El Bali, the oldest part of the city, Riad Dar Kirami offers a unique Moroccan experience amidst narrow, car-free streets and ornate entryways. Located near historic monuments like the Borj Nord and the Merenid/ Marinid Tombs, this Riad is within walking distance of attractions such as Bab Rcif and the Fontaine Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts. The traditional Moroccan atmosphere allows guests to immerse themselves in local culture and it is architecturally interesting as well. 

The Riad provides comfortable rooms, with carpeted or tiled floors and plenty of storage space, each with a private bathroom with complimentary toiletries. Serving halal breakfasts, Riad Dar Kirami invites guests to savour traditional Moroccan cuisine and local flavours. Amenities include free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage and a relaxing terrace with splendid views.

12. Riad Le Moucharabieh

Right in Fes’ historic Medina, you’ll find Riad Le Moucharabieh. The traditional Moroccan design is one of its biggest attractions. It’s close to the beautiful gateway of Bab Boujloud and the Al-Attarine Madrasa, a stunningly designed ancient Islamic school, perfect for sightseers. The Riad is a peaceful place to unwind away from the bustling Medina life. The rooms and suites are all supplied with modern amenities. Some have balconies or terraces looking out over the central courtyard. There’s a top-rated breakfast available, with options for all: continental, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, à la carte and on-the-go. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi everywhere in the riad, and services include a 24/7 front desk, concierge, and information and advice on local activities and places to see. The Riad’s courtyard and rooftop terrace are cosy, and give stunning views of the city.


1. When is the best time to visit Fes?

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to travel to Fe­s. The climate is comfortable and there are not as many tourists. June, July, and August can get unbearably hot and December, January, and February can be pretty cold, especially at night.  

2. How do I get to Fes?

Fes is connected to the world via Fes-Saïss Airport. It’s easily accessible and well-linked to major European cities and other Moroccan cities. Of course, if you’re already in Morocco, trains, coaches and Grand Taxis are also options. 

3. Are Riads in Fes expensive?

Riads in Fes come in all price ranges. Their cost varies with their location, the facilities they offer and how popular they are. From budget-friendly to top-end luxury, you’ll find Riads in Fes for every pocket.

4. Can I book Riads in Fes online?

The majority of the Riads in Fes allow online booking. To make sure you get your top choice, it’s best to book early and secure your preferred Riad and travel dates.

5. What are some must-visit attractions in Fes?

Some of the must-visit attractions in Fes include the historic Medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, the Bou Inania Madrasa, and the Chouara Tannery. Exploring the narrow streets of the medina, visiting the local markets, and trying traditional Moroccan cuisine are also highly recommended.


Fes is a city that’s brimming with history, culture and hospitality. To fully enjoy its charm, we recommend staying at one of the Moroccan Riads in Fes. Consider options such as Riad Fes, Riad Laaroussa, Riad Maison Bleue, Riad Palais Amani,  Riad Dar Bensouda, or any of the others listed above. These places promise an unforgettable, luxurious experience. So, gear up for your Moroccan adventure and get set to be mesmerised by these charming Riads in Fes.

Ensure you book your riad as soon as you know your travel dates. Make the most of your trip to this cultural hub. Enjoy your journey!

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