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Moroccan calligraphy holds a special place among calligraphic styles due to its captivating aesthetics and diverse expressions showcasing the essence of Moroccan and Islamic traditions with a refined touch of artistry.

Its profound spiritual and religious significance has made it an integral part of Islamic architecture earning it a reputation as one of the most splendid and varied calligraphic styles worldwide. If you have an interest in exploring this art form or honing your calligraphy skills then come along with us as we unveil some of the calligraphy workshops in Morocco.

Top Calligraphy Classes in Morocco

1. Palais Riad Reda’a Calligraphy Classes

Located in the literary capital of Morocco, the Palais Riad Reda’a is a beautiful and luxurious riad located in the heart of the imperial city of Fes. In addition to providing first-class accommodation and hospitality second to none, this riad allows its visitors to learn Moroccan calligraphy for those who wish to do so. Additionally, the riad also has other experiences on offer for its visitors, such as cooking classes, Medina tours, and cinematography, making it one of the must-visit places if you ever find yourself in Fes.

  • Location: Fes

2. Palais Bab Sahra’s Calligraphy Classes 

Step into the world of Arabic calligraphy with lessons in Fez at the Bab al-Sahra Palace, one of the best places in Morocco to learn the art. Under the guidance of a skilled calligrapher, this interactive workshop extends a warm invitation to participants of all ages to explore the world of Arabic calligraphy. study the techniques of angular Kufic script and flowing Naskhi script, and master the traditional pen with finesse. Held in the tranquil setting of the Bab al-Sahra Palace, the workshop offers not only a cultural experience but also provides all the essential materials and a delicious meal. 

3. The Moroccan Workshop’s Leather and Wood Calligraphy Workshop 

At The Moroccan Workshop, you can find artisanal initiation courses and workshops with various levels of calligraphy skill. Including leather or wood as your canvas, these sessions are conducted by experienced Moroccan craftsmen to teach Arabic and Moroccan calligraphy. All the necessary tools and materials are provided for an easy interactive learning process. it is a workshop with small group sizes which means that each learner receives special attention.

  • Location: Rabat

4. Calligraphy courses in Marrakech

Workshop Details: This workshop is found in a compact Kasbah enclosed by a beautiful garden and a vegetable patch. It is a tranquil setting to begin learning about Arabic calligraphy. The participants will be taught the technical aspects of this art form by an experienced expert. The workshop is designed for small groups and guarantees personal attention as well as easy-to-use equipment. Additionally, the learners can also tour the bustling Medina of Marrakech, which further strengthens their bond with the city.

5. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop in Tinejdad

While at Tinejdad, a small town only one hour away from Tinghir in east-central Morocco, take the opportunity to visit the Arabic calligraphy studio located in its centre. Join sessions led by local artists to learn about the history and different styles of Arabic calligraphy and start practicing this art form yourself. The workshop also includes a trip to the artist’s small museum which exhibits an interesting collection of Berber musical instruments and personal belongings. This is an amazing chance to gain deeper insight into the cultural heritage that shapes this area.

6. Fas Museum

Visit the Fas Museum in Casablanca and attend their introductory course on Arabic calligraphy for children and adults alike. Learn Moroccan calligraphy styles such as Maghribi, Mabsout, Moujawhar and Thuluth. During the workshop, participants will master the art of writing using a qalam and inkwell, gain the ability to identify various calligraphy styles and refine their writing skills along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the significance of calligraphy in Moroccan culture?

Calligraphy in Morocco has a huge importance. It’s not just writing – there’s real spirituality and artistry in how the artists put pen to paper. The calligraphy styles are deeply tied to Islamic traditions and used beautifully on religious and decorative pieces.

2. Do I need any prior experience to attend a calligraphy workshop?

Not at all! The calligraphy workshops in Morocco are welcoming to everyone. Whether you’re just starting or a real pro, they’ve got something for your skill set. The teachers make it a fun place to improve and experiment no matter what level you’re at. It’s all about the learning process and creativity that comes with it.

3. What styles of calligraphy will I learn in these workshops?

The calligraphy workshops in Morocco cover a good mix of styles. They teach Maghrebi, Andalusian and Amazigh scripts. Each one’s got a unique look and way of making the letters. By trying the different techniques, you get a well-rounded picture of calligraphy across the whole country.

4. What materials will be provided in the workshops?

The calligraphy workshops in Morocco give you everything you need to get started. They provide all the pens, ink, paper – whatever materials you require for practicing your lettering. Some workshops will even have traditional leather or wood boards from the area for you to work on too. Everything is set up for you to dive in and focus on learning without worrying about supplies. Whether you’re just finding your footing or getting seriously skilled, they’ve got you covered so you can follow your creativity wherever it leads.

5. Are these calligraphy workshops only available in major cities like Marrakech and Fes?

While major cities like Marrakech and Fez offer a wide range of calligraphy workshops in Morocco, you can also find workshops in other cities like Casablanca, Rabat, Essaouira and Tinejdad. Calligraphy workshops in Morocco are scattered throughout the country, allowing participants to explore different regions while learning the art of calligraphy.

6. Can I take my artwork home after the workshop?

Absolutely! At the end of each session, all calligraphy workshops in Morocco encourage participants to take their creations home as a reminder of their calligraphic experience. Whether it’s a crafted phrase, a poetic verse, or a personalized artwork, your calligraphy artwork will serve as a memento of your time spent practicing your skills in Morocco.


Joining calligraphy workshops in Morocco is more than just mastering beautiful letters; it’s a deep dive into the essence of Moroccan culture. Connect with skilled masters, uncovering historical styles firsthand. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned calligrapher, these top-rated classes guarantee inspiration. Dive into the heritage and elegance of Moroccan calligraphy, where teachers ignite your creative spark, letting your unique style flourish on the page. Immerse yourself in both the art and the welcoming culture – you’ll fall in love with both.

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