Is Morocco safe for travel in 2024?

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If you are looking for a quick answer to the question “is Morocco safe for travelers?”, then YES, it is! Yet, You might still be wondering “Why is Morocco not ranked amongst the safest countries in the world, then?” And that’s what this article is here for, in essence.

Morocco has ranked as the “5th destination of excellence in the world” by TripAdvisor and booking sites, and 3rd as “the most welcoming country for foreign tourists”, according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (WEF).

More and more tourists are choosing Morocco as favorite destination as crime rates keep declining by the year, and the numbers are expected to continue increasing; hence indicating a safe destination. But of course, caution and social awareness, like in any country in the world, are advised!

Covid requirements for travelers

As of this article’s publishing date, the Kingdom of Morocco has reopened its sea and air borders and travelers, under certain conditions, can access Moroccan territory; if they have a valid vaccination passport of two doses will be accepted with no more than 4 months has passed since the second dose was received, or a negative PCR taken no longer than 72hrs before boarding. (Children under 12 years old are exempt from all entry requirements.)

For the reasons mentioned above, and all the conditions Morocco has put to keep its nation and its visitors safe, the logical response to “is Morocco safe after Covid?” is YES!

Is Morocco safe in 2024?

“Is Morocco safe in 2024?” That’s correct. Of course, a little prudence and common sense can go a long way, but most travels to this bewitching country are usually a complete success.

Morocco is, in fact, North Africa’s most politically stable country; no wars or internal conflicts are expected to occur during your stay.

To entice more tourists, the government has increased its infrastructural investment. You’ll benefit from the latter while landing and taking off from the different excellent airports, thousands of miles of highways, high-speed and normal trains, and the countless other transportation means, that Morocco provides to make your trip easier.

A vacation to Morocco right now should be quite safe and well worth it, with so much culture and history to explore, an easygoing atmosphere full of hospitality, and world renowned cities to discover!

Safest cities to visit in Morocco

Chefchaoun: The blue pearl

Chefchaouen’s appearance will quickly catch your attention, whether it is your first visit to Morocco or you have been to the country before and are familiar with how the kingdom looks.

Houses are typically modest, yet they are ornamented with brilliant white walls and vivid blue doors. By any international city’s standards, the streets are spotless, and if the deep blue doors set against relaxing white houses on immaculate streets wasn’t enough, there’s the skyline.

Chefchaouen is significantly smaller than larger towns like Tangier, making it a favorite destination for off-the-beaten-path travelers, and it is also known as one of Morocco’s safest cities. This is particularly amazing given how safe the rest of the country is. While any tourist should always exercise common sense and be prepared for the “just in case,” Chefchaouen is a rare city in that it boasts safety even at night.

So “is Morocco safe? and particularly Chefchaoun town?” A definite yes!

El jadida: Mazagan

The little city of Essaouira is located on the windswept Atlantic coast, roughly two hours southwest of Marrakesh. It’s also known by its original Portuguese name, “Mazagan.” This azure beachfront town combines the best of Morocco’s offerings — wonderful beaches, delicious food, and lively culture — with a laid-back vibe not found in other areas of the nation.

If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones, you’ll remember Essaouira as the location where Daenerys Targaryen bought her army of Unsullied Soldiers.

The city is renowned for being one of the safest in the country both during the day and at night! But it’s fair to say that vigilence from pickpockets is always required.

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