Dakhla travel guide: Top 5 must visit places

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If you’re looking for a Dakhla travel guide to plan your trip, then you’ve come to the right place.

Dakhla formerly called Villa Cisneros is 400km from the Mauritanian border and the gates of the Western Sahara. It is a small piece of paradise located in southern Morocco, lost between the waters of the Atlantic ocean and the sands of the Sahara.

It provides a complete sense of delight and serenity to be enjoyed without moderation, with kilometers of beaches stretching out on both sides of the city providing the best opportunity for a visiter to relax while indulging in all the goodness this city can offer.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit this place, make sure to not miss out on it as we will help provide you with the best Dakhla travel guide, let’s discover some of the best places to visit in Dakhla:

Dakhla travel guide: The White Dune


A trip to Dakhla is not complete without visiting The white dune, it is one of the most famous places to visit in Dakhla, it is a very big dune of white sand that goes into the lagoon and creates its very own lagoon inside, it is surrounded by the ocean with common sights of flamingos roaming around.

The white dune is an ideal place for relaxation and for contemplating the beauty of nature as well as an ideal place for water-sports lovers who wish to practice kitesurfing or windfursing, many water-sports lovers consider it to be one of the best places to practice their loved hobby as it provides the perfect balance of wind and water.

Dakhla travel guide: Dragon Island

The dragon island owes its name to the shape of its outline as seen from above, it looks like a dragon lying on its stomach surrounded by water. The mysteriously beautiful island rises in the Atlantic ocean, and stands as a wildly beautiful terrain almost two hours away by boat.

Walking through this island on foot is a memorable experience if you ever visit Dakhla, you will feel weightless and the most relaxed by being in the moment, swimming in the waters and climbing the dunes.

Dakhla travel guide: Beach of Portorico

Driving along the path of Dakhla towards Mauritania, traces of civilization begin to disappear as we find mostly abandoned villages, military posts and road signs indicating border towns ahead, at the end of the road, we find ourselves on a superb stretch of white sand, on a wild beach called Portorico.

This beach is considered one of the most beautiful and most confidential beaches, because it is one of the least visited beaches. It is a meeting place for migrating birds and its isolated location makes it an excellent place to camp.

Dakhla travel guide: Imlili


Looking beyond the amazing landscapes this city offers, 100km south on the roads of the Sahara is the town known as Imlili oasis. A unique location with numerous small pools filled with salty water and a special type of fish that only exists there.

This unique phenomenon is called “Sebkha”, a place fully surrounded by plants and is a regular meeting place for many wild animals and birds, the fish that inhabit the sebkha are of carnivorous type, visitors sit on the edge of the small lagoons to get a special type of pedicure by the fish who enjoy nibbling on the feet’s dead skin and calluses.

Dakhla travel guide: The ostrich farm

Located about 10km from Dakhla, the ostrich farm is one of the most frequented places by tourists. The farm was built in 2005 and is host to nearly 460 ostriches, thanks to the dry and gentle climate of Dakhla, it presents an ideal environment for raising ostriches, which live in arid and sandy regions and are well-adapted to desert conditions.

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