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You can not visit Morocco without visiting its largest city, Casablanca. You may have booked your flight or you are already staying in a hotel in Casablanca but the only thing you have missed after your planning is where to shop in Casablanca

From flea markets to big malls, Casablanca has it all. The good news is that these markets are spread all over the city. So, whether you are on your tour in the Medina or just staying in a hotel, you will always have options of markets you wish to buy from. 

In this article, we will include all the local markets that you can shop from in Casablanca. Markets for all types of goods such as electronics, accessories, traditional clothes, and even luxurious brands.

Ancient Medina

As mankind holds on to their memories, Casablanca holds its history at its core in the format of the old Medina that still has touches of previous civilizations. This manifests itself in the architecture of the city.

The Ancient Medina of Casablanca has its own local market where you can find different shops that sell different items from traditional clothes and sandals to modern clothes of celebrated brands.

Bab Marrakech

If you are looking for a place where to enjoy Moroccan traditional architecture and buy some souvenirs made of pure Moroccan leather, Bab Marrakech is the best option.

In the Ancient Medina, Bab Marrakech is known for withstanding the earthquake that destroyed almost the whole old Medina. The market sells leather goods. You will also find traditional clothes and many handicrafts products.


Sticking with the traditional architecture vibe, either you are a male or a female, the Habous neighborhood is your perfect destination for all kinds of Moroccan traditional clothing and goods.

Habous would easily fascinate you with both French Moroccan mixture that you would not like to miss after visiting the Royal palace. In this market you will find different types of goods but what makes Habous stand out from the previous markets is that you will find unlimited types of traditional clothes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Marche Central

If you wonder how grocery shopping goes in Morocco, I advise you  to go to Marche Central.

In addition to being the main market of Casablanca, which means you will find different categories of products, Marche Central is where you will find all the Moroccan kitchen’s needs such as vegetables, fruits, spices, and unlimited types of olives.

Morocco mall

The weather changed, and you didn’t bring the right clothes with you? You only wear your favorite brand? So, Morocco Mall is where you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Covering over 190 000m², Morocco Mall is the largest Mall in north Africa. The mall has stores of international well-known brands of clothes, makeup, perfumes, and jewelry. Beside the shops, the place also includes restaurants and coffee shops that would make your shopping more joyful. So, Morocco mall is the ultimate place to have a great shopping day.


If you are in the west of Casablanca and you are too lazy to take the long road to Morocco mall then go to Maarif area and do not miss the chance to pass across the Jewish Museum and buy some Ghriba from one of the traditional bakeries just right there in the corner!


You want to have a shopping day and enjoy a beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean. Why not going to Anfaplace?

In the same area of Morocco Mall, about 5km away, Anfaplace occupies a smaller space than the Mall but what makes it stand out is its open-air area that you would not find in other Malls. As the second largest Mall in Casablanca, Anfaplace is one of the top list malls that you would not regret visiting!

Derb Ghallef

You didn’t bring your laptop charger with you? You did ask many electronic shops around and you did not find what you were looking for. So, you want to get one, and you do not know from where? Derb Ghallef is the place where you will find literally whatever electronic piece you are looking for.

In Addition to electronics, Derb Ghalf is also known as a flea market for used clothes and unlimited categories of goods. So, no wonder if you find people bargain for things you have never seen before. Also, It is better to go in the morning because the place gets insanely busy in the afternoon.

Long story short, Casablanca did not get the title of the economical capital by chance. It earned it by offering unlimited market options to all categories of visitors, either from inside or outside Morocco. So, wherever you are in the city, you can always reach the markets listed above by many different transport types possible.

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