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Do you like to travel on an interesting and beautiful Jewish Tours in Morocco? Are you concerned with rich Moroccan Jewish traditions? If the answer is yes, you can go to Morocco and join a guided tour to discover the Jewish Heritage by which you will explore five of the best Jewish Day Tours in Morocco.

Another option other than a Tour is to reach Morocco by boat for a Jewish trip. On such a Tour, you can discover about the Jewish cultivation and tradition which has been intertwined all along Morocco over the centuries by exploring many sights such as Jewish temples, graveyards, ancient Jewish Mellah and other places.

Morocco is considered a residence to a lot of Jewish treasures, which can be seen in the centre of Casablanca in the Jewish Museum and possibly in the new upcoming Jewish Museum in Fes. Jewish Museums don’t only exist in Casablanca and Fes, but they are situated all along Morocco in the Imperial cities and rustic areas.

You can select one of such Jewish Tours to know more about the regional Jewish society and to get more pleasure by joining a Jewish family in a Sephardic Shabbat dinner on the Sabbath.

The spirit of Morocco’s previous Jewish society is still there living in such sites. Going through the experience of visiting such places gives visitors especially Jewish ones the chance to know more about the history of Jews and the Jewish tradition in the Maghreb.

Casablanca Jewish Tours in Morocco

What makes Casablanca a very impressive place which is so admired and enjoyed is its ancient Jewish inheritance. On your visit to such marvellous place, you will pursue the path of Jews who inhabited Morocco a long time ago. Casablanca’s Jewish Museum is quite unique that it is the only one in the Islamic world.

This Museum has a variety of religious, sociological and aesthetic items that show the history, faith, conventions and everyday life of Jews in the light of Moroccan culture. As for the manager, he is a Muslim and his name is Zhor Rhihil, a major specialist who has arranged and organized the collection as well as peculiar expositions.

On the same Tour, you can discover the Jewish temples which involve the temple Beth- El, well-known for its coloured glass windows and find out about the Jewish Quarters (Mellah), ancient tombs inside the graveyard and the souks.

For lovers of extensive and far-reaching adventures, you can know more about Jewish society by meeting some Jews having lunch with a Jewish family at the Kosher club and watching Shabbat activities on the Sabbath.

The royal city of Fes is famous for welcoming and housing formerly the major and elder Jewish societies in Morocco.

Fes Jewish Tours in Morocco

As a mental and religious capital city, Marinid’s established the Mellah, in old Fes. It is where most Jews lived before moving to new Fes, becoming neighbours to the kingdom and this is what gives the kingship a complete command over their handicrafts and their valuable political relations with Europe. This Tour will give visitors the chance to visit the Jewish Mellah, Ibn Dannan Synagogue, a 17th-century Jewish signature and very essential treasures, Talmud Torah Temple and El Fassiyeen Synagogue.

Explore the tomb which is painted blue and find out about the story of Solica as you examine the Jewish graveyard and its whitened tombs. You are highly advised to see the heart of Jewish society in Maimonides. Meeting Jews and knowing about Jewish society is possible at Shabbat practices or at a Rabbi’s Home or what is called Kosher Restaurant.

Marrakech Jewish Tours in Morocco

Marrakech is an important sight to discover on a Jewish Heritage Day Tour with its hidden underground canals that are constructed by a designer from Cordoba, Spain in order to give water for both town and Palmery.

If you want to see significant evidence of Jewish History in Morocco, then visit the Ibn Lazama Temple which goes back to the 16th century. At the temple, you can see KaA Roumani who is an archaeologist from London and works as a mentor at the Lazama temple.

Within the Jewish Mellah, you can discover the Miaara Jewish graveyard and do shopping in the Spice Market. The old Spice Market is called the Rahba Kedima and it is a colored market stuffed with a large display of Moroccan spices such as cumin, cinnamon, saffron, dry pepper and more than that.

If you are a lover of intimacy and privacy then you have the choice of visiting Marrakech Medina’s private Houses where you can enjoy Shabbat services and have dinner with a Jewish family there.

Essaouira Jewish Tours in Morocco

Essaouira also called old Mogador, is one of the most desired sites by the first visitors to Morocco who are concerned with Jewish Heritage of Morocco. They visit the such marvellous site in order to discover the Atlantic coast, the Jewish Mellah, the Hiloula, Ancient Rabbi’s, heartwarming door drawings, engraved signs in the Jewish Quarter. The Haim Pinto temple, the Attia temple and the House of Memory are must-seen places.

We shouldn’t forget the Jewish Marine graveyard which is detached from the ocean by only a solitary wall. Marine graveyard has more than two thousand graves which are made from rock and are arranged in regular patterns going back to the 18th C.

It also has and contains Rabbi Haim Pinto’s shrine. Concerning the number of the whole populace in Essaouira, it is about 70,000 with less than 25 Jews. The Jewish community goes back to around 1700.

Tangier Jewish Tours in Morocco

On this Morocco Day Tour, you can know about the city’s great Jewish history and the structure of the Moors. Those Jews who traveled to Tangier were so called as Tanja or Tingus who escaped after the devastation of the First Temple in Jerusalem and lived at ease amongst the Berbers.

A second wave of Jewish immigration happens in Tangier in 1492 when some of those who lived in Iberian Penisula were kicked out from Spain and Portugal during the Alhambra Decree. Such wave has a great effect on the Jews in Morocco because of their adoption of the Andalusian Sephardic rites formulating a Sephardic personality.

Their identity is evident in their visit to the Moshe Nahon temple, Chaar Rafael temple, temple Chocron, Tangier’s Jewish Mellah and the historic graveyard. You can’t go there without visiting the American Ligation Museum, riding the Grand Socco and drinking tea at Café Hafa.

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