5 Great reasons to hire a tour guide in Morocco 2024

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Morocco is a land bursting with culture, history and a vast array of places to visit and things to see, without a knowledgeable tour guide in morocco there may be difficult for you to choose the right places to visit and the right time to visit them.

Take a tour in the most interesting places in Morocco and discover local treasures, with the ability to customize your trip as needed, all while being guided by an expert to offer the most optimal travel experience.

A legitimate tour guide in Morocco must be licensed and trained by the ONMT (Moroccan National Tourism Board) as well as being multilingual with fluency in English, French, Arabic and Amazigh, to avoid any communication obstacles to ensure the smooth flowing of your trip.

Here are some of the most important reasons why we think hiring a tour guide in Morocco is a good idea for you to consider:

1- Deeper cultural and historical insight

Understanding a country’s norms and traditions is not something you can simply learn about while reading a tourist booklet, that is why it is important to hire a knowledgeable tour guide in Morocco who will offer you the full experience.

Uncovering these details will disable you from mindlessly making social and cultural mistakes and will enable you to get to know the expectations and what is acceptable in Morocco, as well as the ability to engage in deeper societal and cultural discussions.

A private tour guide in Morocco offers you the opportunity to take a closer look at the country’s history, architecture, crafts and cuisine and learn some local facts that you can take home with you.

2- More experience and knowledge

It can be tricky to know the exact best time to visit specific places in Morocco with limited time on your sleeves, having a private tour guide on side will make the experience much more simple and smooth flowing. They know the ins and outs of every place, whether it’s a museum, a garden, an art gallery, a mosque, a riad..etc.

Hiring a private tour guide in Morocco will add so much value to your trip and you will end up not only having a fun experience but you will learn from their knowledge and experience as well.

3- Saving time

Hiring a local tour guide in Morocco could also be beneficial to you in the terms that you will use your time and energy more efficiently to roam around the city without getting lost as they know the city by heart.

While you could arm yourself with a map and stick to main streets, you might still end up feeling lost and might miss out of some attractions on your way, that’s where having a tour guide comes in handy and useful.

4- More flexibility and trip customization

Hiring a local private guide guarantees a flexible open schedule with more time to stop and take in all the interesting sights and sites that you may come across, as well as the ability to customize your time and to wander as needed.

Not only are you gonna be able to visit places more freely but you’re also going to have the ability to customize your trip according to your own needs and choices, which you might not be able to do on larger morocco tours with a national guide.

5- Safety, communication and problem solving

Not that safety should be a concern here in Morocco, but it is definitely recommended that you have a local tour guide by your side, especially during hiking and while exploring nature, as there are many dangers that can be recognized by locals and by your tour guide.

It also helps to be able to communicate with people in Morocco either in restaurants, museums or souks. English is widely spoken in Morocco, alongside Arabic, Berber dialects and French, but keep in mind that not everyone can speak it or understand it so having a tour guide who can speak the main languages fluently will make it easier for you to connect with locals all while avoiding any potential miscommunication.

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