Top 5 most beautiful Moroccan gardens

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Morocco offers many rich and varied experiences to satisfy its visitors’ tastes and preferences, gardens are considered to be of utmost importance in Morocco and thankfully it does not fail to amaze us when it comes to flaunting the beautiful Moroccan gardens.

Moroccan garden’s trademark is alluring fountains and waterfalls that never to charm the visitors, the botanical beauty of moroccan gardens provides a great interest for nature lovers, especially plant, flowers and traditional herbs, all while providing divine relaxation for the visitors.

In this article, we aim to provide you with 5 of the most beautiful moroccan gardens that you must visit:

Beautiful Moroccan gardens: Majorelle Garden, Marrakech

beautiful moroccan gardens 1

A visit to Marrakech is not complete without having made a tour in the famous Jardin Majorelle, located outside of the historic old Medina and created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who came to the red city Marrakech in 1922, he designed the garden using a bold blue color.

It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful moroccan gardens for its eye-catching colors, beautiful design and botanical nature. This garden offers an ideal opportunity to cool off on hot summer days.

Found in the middle of exotic array of plants and trees such as exotic bamboo, cacti and palms collected from all around the world, this garden is considered a haven for multiple bird species.

The garden currently belongs to the Yves Saint-Laurent Foundation, it served as an inspiration for the world-famous designer for several of his collections. Inside the Villa oasis, you can notice Yves Saint-Laurent’s private collection of paintings, books and pieces of art.

Kasbah Oudaia Andalusian Garden, Rabat


The Andalusian garden is considered to be one of the most visited places in Rabat, built in the 12th century and located in the Oudaya Kasbah on the hill at the mouth of the Bou Regreg river. It is a haven of peace and tranquility with outstanding architecture.

The Andalusian garden was founded by the French architecht Jean-Claude Forestier during the colonial period, the charming garden is not only bordered by lots of brightly-colored aromatic flowers, fruit trees and other plants, but it also features captivating Andalusian architectural art and historic sculptures.

Jnan Sbil Garden, Fez

beatiful moroccan gardens

Also known as Bou Jeloud Gardens, these lush gardens on the edge of the Old Medina of Fez between the Mellah, were planted in the 18th century by the Sultan Moulay Abdallah and got renovated between the years 2006 to 2010 in order to restore the garden’s original beauty and glory.

In the beginning, Jnan Sbil Garden was exclusive for members of the royal family who accessed it via a tunnel from the nearby Dar al-Makhzen Palace.

The gardens are currently refered to as the “green lungs” of Fez, with eight hectares of 3,000 different plants and trees. It is an ideal spot to unwind under the shady benches with a view on the beautifully tiled fountains after a long day of roaming the Old Medina.

Anima Garden, Marrakech

beautiful moroccan gardens 3

This dreamy garden created by the influential austrian artist André Heller located 27 kilometers from Marrakech in Douar Sbiti Ourika, and has been open to the public since 2016, is not only one of the most beautiful moroccan gardens but also one of the most memorable gardens in the world.

Throughout your visit to this mythical garden, you will notice various local sculptures hidden among pathways of flowers, trees and grass, it shows the beautiful combination between art and nature, which is definitely worth contemplating.

In addition to the various plants it showcases, Anima is home to an inventive garden, a glass house for children to play in, a chinese zodiac column and also the Paul Bowles Coffee shop decorated with straw hats.

The Exotic Gardens Of Bouknadel, Rabat

beautiful moroccan gardens 4

Located 20 km from Rabat, on the national road to Kenitra, we find the exotic bouknadel gardens, created in 1949 by the French engineer Marcel François and considered to be one of the most beautiful Moroccan gardens.

This garden is home to multiple species of exotic reptiles, birds, plants and trees. In the vivarium of bouknadel, you will be invited to discover the life of these reptiles and amphibians, uncover their habits and learn about the numerous species presented.

All throughout your visit, you will find secret passages, waterfalls, fountains, pools, bridges and walkways leading you to the various other gardens within the Bouknadel Exotic gardens like the Japanese garden, the Chinese garden, the Andalusian garden and many more.


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