Morocco’s High Atlas Is One Of The Top 30 Most Instagrammable Spots In The World

Issmail Ez-zahraouy
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Exploring Morocco’s High Atlas by bike is an opportunity to discover the region at your own pace, avoiding tourist circuits.

Rabat-Based on Instagram data, researchers shared that Morocco’s High Atlas mountains occupy the 27th place on the list of the 30 best cycling routes in the world.

To find the places that get the most pictures shared per kilometre, Instagram data and route distances were analysed in a study. The study of “Explore Worldwide” concerns the most beautiful cycle route worldwide.

Relying on a cross-referencing method, the researchers studied 100 routes. They analysed hashtag data to find out how many photos were shared on each course. To clarify, they cross-referenced the number of hashtags with the length of the route to rank the best cycle route.

With a total of 832 photos per kilometre, the American “Blue Ridge Parkway” came out on the top of the best cycling routes in the world. Concerning Morocco’s High Atlas Mountain, it has a ratio of 24 Instagram photos per kilometre. 

The top 10 cycling routes on the list are in the United States, Eastern Albania, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Chile, and Canada. 

Why Morocco’s High Atlas region is attractive?

Located in central Morocco, the High Atlas is the principal mountainous massif of Morocco and the Maghreb. From the West-South-West, the Atlantic Ocean, to the East-North-East, the Algerian borders, the High Atlas Mountain is 740 km long.

The High Atlas is composed of a chain of beautiful mountains where the highest point in North Africa is based. The highest point is Mount Toubkal towering 4,167 meters above sea level.

The region is rich in Berber culture. For nature lovers, the region offers one of the best biking and hiking adventures, especially when it wears its fascinating blanket of snow.

Morocco’s High Atlas is known for its breathtaking cascades, such as the “Ouzoud” waterfalls. The “Draa Valley” is also an attractive site where kasbahs, one of Morocco’s prestigious imperial cities, is located.

Moreover, I think that It is a must to mention Ourika Valley, one of the most famous tourist destinations of Morocco’s High Atlas. It is an attractive site composed of perfect hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls. 

After pedalling around breathtaking landscapes for hours, cyclists may have the chance to enjoy a variety of local Berber tagines. If you are a cycling lover, Morocco’s High Atlas is worth the visit.

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