Marrakech Among Worldwide Best Cities for Expatriation

Chaimae Machkour
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According to what the Danish startup has recently published, The red city of Morocco «Marrakesh » has been added to MoveNation’s list of the best cities in the world to relocate to, along with cities like Alicante, Bilbao, and Bangkok for the incredible resource they offer.

This selection has been built on several criteria, mainly related to the quality of life, safety, cost of living, investment opportunities, and the level of spoken English.

MoveNation launched this initiative in 2021  to help one million people find the most liveable and the best retirement destinations around the world, by providing various real-time data on all the options offered by different countries, to help people move from to less expensive cities.

Earlier this year, MoveNation was not the only search engine that chose the Moroccan red city as a leading travel destination.

In fact, Marrakech’s vibrant lifestyle and its mix of authentic and modern architecture have attracted many blogs such as Liligo,  UCity Guides, and other tourism-focused outlets.

Morocco has remained a favorite destination for various celebrities who love to spend their holidays, especially in Marrakesh, including Paris Saint Germain player Kylian Mbappe, Algerian football player Riyad Mahrez, Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth, American actress Lucy Hale, and many other celebrities.

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