Digital Quality of Life Index: Morocco 3rd Best Country in Africa  

Chaimae Machkour
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Morocco has moved up 13 places since 2021 in the fourth annual edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) to rank 3rd in Africa and 71st globally out of 117 countries.

The (DQL) is a comparative study published by Surfshark and based on data provided by the United Nations, the World Bank, Freedom House, the International Communications Union, and other sources.  which assesses the quality of digital well-being on a global scale.

This survey relied on 5 main pillars and 14 sub-indicators for in-depth assessment such as speed, GDP per capita, mobile Internet cost, and broadband Internet cost.

The study indicates a slight improvement for Morocco in the e-government index compared to 2021,  yet, the kingdom’s ranking remains low as it is seated at 88th worldwide compared to international standards.

Meanwhile, Tunisia is leading the ranking for both Internet Affordability and Electronic Development,  Morocco has another score to improve for Internet Quality and stability of the internet,19 points far from the international average, costing the kingdom to lose 34 slots in the classifications.

However, Morocco strikes well on e-security, ranking 42nd globally compared to the African continent, Congo, Yemen, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Cameroon who are below the five countries in the annual ranking.

The top listed ranks are marked by Israel in the first place in the world in terms of digital quality of life followed by Denmark which moved up to the second place.

Germany, France, and Sweden completed the top five of the 2022 index, while the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, the UK, and South Korea are next in the top 10, while The United States dropped from fifth to 12th place after Lithuania last year.

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