Morocco on the Podium at Milan Fashion Week

Chaimae Machkour
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Founded by Moroccan Hind Godard, the international platform of haute couture and oriental fashion, the “Oriental Fashion Show”(OFS), presented its Spring 2023 collection on Tuesday at Palazzo Turati, marking the opening of Milan Fashion Week.

In a press release, The Oriental Fashion Show stated that two Moroccan fashion houses entered the Italian catwalk, featuring three brand new collections inspired by the Moroccan and oriental cultural heritage.

It is related first to the “House of Calamine“, which specializes in high-end fashion, handmade by experienced craftsmen, who cooperate with their expertise with the biggest Western haute couture brands.

Crafted by more than 20 artisans, the brand “House of Calamine ” launched its first ready-to-wear collection in 2020, which succeeded in a creative vision to capture the richness of Moroccan heritage.

In addition to “Nun World” ’’ or La Maison Le monde de Nun, the Moorish flavor emanated from the creative spirit of the designer Nadia Kassir, who chose to pay homage to a perfectly imperfect ancestral know-how and to the artisans who work with passion and traditions, by bringing the authenticity and uniqueness of textile work from Tangiers to Milan catwalk.

The designer decided to present her creations for the first time in Italy, after the huge success she had during Morocco Fashion Week in Marrakech 2022.

It is noteworthy that the “Silk Road and Andalusia association, founded by Hind Godard in 2004, has been organizing the “Oriental Fashion Show“(OFS) since 2018, as the first international fashion event dedicated to couture and oriental artistic creations.

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