Why should you choose Morocco for your Honeymoon Tour?

    When you and your partner arrange for your honeymoon tour vacation, the first usual places that come to your mind are the beaches and mountains which are considered to be the incarnation of beauty and leisure for every newlywed couple.

    Being obsessed with travelling, Akshita was courageous enough to take a brave, unconventional decision, that goes against the usual and dull honeymoon locations, which is to visit Morocco, the land of the sunset. But what does she find in Morocco, the land of oppositions between the new and the old, the new ‘the contemporary’ and the old ‘the history, tradition’. If you are interested to know the answer, then read this article which illustrates 6 amazing reasons that make you eager to go to Morocco today not tomorrow.

    The task of discovering unorthodox and unusual honeymoon locations to travel to is a very hard task. Such hard decision together with the restraints of the wedding arrangements, the funds and time restraints make me prepared to renounce details of the reservation and for the first time in my life, I didn’t pay attention to such specifics and to what I really preferred.

    As a last decision and after several regards, we chose Morocco, the land of many different cultures and different languages. In order to be guided more in our Tour, we decided to join a fine group called “Pick Your Trail” by Travel Triangle. I told them about the type of adventures that I was searching for in addition to the funds that I specify for the trip. After that come consistent and continuous procedures for the most momentous trip ever. This article provides you with a very useful guide that will lead you if you choose a unique honeymoon destination like Morocco.

    6 Amazing Reasons that make Morocco one of your favorite places for honeymoon tour

    1- Amazing kindness and hospitable locals:

    In Morocco, I can’t feel the hospitality and kindness that I found in countries like Bhutan and Cambodia that I visited a long time ago. Concerning Morocco and despite being a North African country, there is a subtle European dominance over culture and society there.

    Despite that, I admit that the kindness and friendliness that I find here is rather admirable according to my experience when I dealt with our hospitable hotel staff and cozy, well-mannered locals. I was extremely comfortable.

    The main and crucial barrier is only the language that they speak mostly 3 languages: French, Spanish and Arabic. Other than this obstacle, you will be impressed by the kindness, friendliness and hospitality of the hotel staff that all along our tour they assured that we are relaxed.

    2- Fascinating Shopping Experience:

    What makes our shopping experience in Morocco a captivating one is the richness of markets, diversity of objects and gifts that you can purchase from there. If you are interested in genuine carpets, silks, jewellery, spices and artisan then Fes is your choice. It is where you can find a vast range of these objects. On the other hand, if you are interested in gifts like magnets, sets of keys, with a very suitable expenses, then Marrakesh is your favourite place to go to. Finally, if you are a lover of original fragrances, perfumes and beautiful aroma then go and visit Essaouira.

    3-Amazing Construction and Design:

    Morocco is famous for its Atlas mountains, Sahara Desert, Medieval souks and contemporary tall buildings. We were very thrilled to discover the tradition and history of this country that was surrounded by the old constructions of Rabat, blue-painted streets at Chechaouen and a view of amazing souks at Fes. So, we ended up understanding that there are a lot to do in Morocco other than shopping. One of these things is to discover these amazing souks.

    Honeymoon Tour

    4- Engage in a cooking class in Morocco:

    Being left completely astonished by the designs and constructions in Morocco, there was something exceptional we want to discover which is being engaged in a cooking class in Morocco after a prolonged and calm ride to Marrakech.

    We indulged into a new experience which is to cook ourselves Moroccan food using genuine components from Morocco such as Tagine.

    5- Travelling by a Hot Air Balloon:

    It seems that our exceptional adventures in Morocco will not finish. After taking a cooking class at Marrakech, we went for another exciting experience early at Essaouira which is to drive in a hot air balloon. We had a lot of fun enjoying love and romance especially with the beautiful sight of the Atlas mountains. After that, we went for a tour to the Argan oil factory where we discover the procedures of purifying the Argan oil for beauty products and for cooking.

    6 – Amazement for the Game of Thrones Admirers:

    Being a passionate lover of Game of Thrones, I was so excited to live the story of the TV. Series in reality and to sense the same feelings. When we saw the memorial where the ” Astapor” episode was acted, we can’t describe the excitement and thrill that we feel especially when we know about the backstage tale.

    Advises for Honeymooners who plan to visit Morocco

    You are advised to carry water with you while walking out in order to keep yourself moistened because there is no water affordable in the streets. Giving extra money as a tip is a protocol in this country, so assure that you give a tip to a bell boy, a waiter in a restaurant.

    Please bring some heavy clothes with you in addition to electric sockets because the temperature changes quickly here. Don’t dress short and tight clothes because the community is a mixture of both African and Arab origins despite its dominant European culture.

    Our unbelievable Honeymoon Tour with Travel Triangle

    If I am asked about my experience with Travel Triangle, I would answer and rank the tour as being greatly lovely and delightful and one of the best tours that I went through till today. The whole idea and the main question is how to adjust our tour’s expenses to our specified income.

    They were following our tour from time to time making sure that all files and reservations were achieved at the right time. As for the manager of our trip “Pick Your Trail”. He was greatly clever and flexible abiding by all our demands.

    As for our questions, they are answered on a telegram group where they publish the next schedule and anything new related to our trip. In addition to their interest in knowing how our trip is going on. The manager of “The Pick Your Trial Tour” works in cooperation with “S Tours”. They are so skilled, expert and you always can find them for anything you want at the right time providing you with useful advices for everything including food.

    Even our driver, whose name is Shakiar, assured that we are relaxed during our prolonged journeys telling us about his amusing adventures and caring a lot about our leisure while walking and snapping beautiful pictures for us on the trip.

    Popular questions that visitors have while plotting a trip to Morocco:

    During our residence in Africa, we came to a conclusion that these convictions about Africa as being undesired location for tourists because of security causes have proved to be wrong. The one and only difficulty is language because there are 3 languages that are predominantly spoken  which are “Spanish, French and Arabic”.  It is difficult for English speaking visitors to communicate because of this reason. But don’t panic. Locals will help you. We advise you to go to Marrakech , Casablanca because they are more international and broad-minded than other cities.

    Tell us some of the interesting truths about Morocco?

    You should know that :

    1. These truths are identical no matter which part of Morocco you travel to such as their regional food, breakfast delivered. The taste of couscous, Tagine, Baguette… etc is stable all along Morocco.
    2. There is a wide multiplicity according to the public there that there are the French, Spanish, Arabs and Africans.
    3. Despite having a very low number of Indians, Bollywood is very famous there that you could hear street salesmen vendors crying out “Namaste” when you walk past them because of their love to Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan.
    4. In Morocco, you can find a blending of wide deserts, green areas, mountains and plains.

    Popular food in Morocco?

    Couscous is known by locals in Morocco as an old Indian food together with the Beef and Tagine which are mostly eaten there.


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